• Volunteering at Resthaven Northern Community Services

    Volunteering at Resthaven Northern Community Services

    Jenny makes a difference

    Resthaven Northern Community Services volunteer, Jenny Keegan, is making a real difference in the lives of older people.

    ‘I love volunteering with Resthaven – seeing the smiles on people’s faces, listening to their experiences,’ she says.

    ‘It’s so important to show older people that we care, by listening, being there and not treating them any differently to anyone else.’

    ‘In my volunteering role at Resthaven Northern Community Services, I support the Occupational Therapy classes by getting refreshments ready for clients, welcoming them as they arrive, sometimes helping people fill out their exercise charts, maybe standing beside them and encouraging them as they work on the treadmill.’

    ‘Sometimes I’ll just sit and chat with clients while they take a break.’

    Jenny has a long history with Resthaven, having volunteered at Resthaven Craigmore for nine years before working in her current volunteer role.

    ‘At Resthaven Craigmore, I used to visit residents in their rooms for a chat, and help with lifestyle activities and church services,’ she says.

    ‘I think residents got a lot out of my visits – having someone visit them who has lots of happy vibes, coming and sitting down and talking with them.’

    ‘I also got a lot out of the visiting. It made me feel happier, and I feel like I’m not as shy as I used to be; I feel good about myself.’

    ‘I really like to see the difference that I’m making in older people’s lives, and the positive difference they make in mine.’

    ‘I just love working with older people.’

    ‘Resthaven staff are also really supportive; I feel appreciated and loved, they’re just lovely people.’

    ‘People here are always smiling and saying hello to everyone, and that’s the kind of environment I like to work in.’

    Every year throughout May, Resthaven celebrates volunteers with ‘Thank You’ High Teas across all areas. This year, the High Tea theme is ‘Hats off to volunteers!’

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    or contact Volunteer Services via volunteer@resthaven.asn.au

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