• Advance care planning

    Older woman in garden.Advance care planning is a process to help you plan in advance your future health care, end of life, living arrangements and personal matters.

    It is important because some time in the future you may become too unwell to make, or communicate, decisions for yourself. This is even more important for older people, or those living with a chronic illness.

    A written advance care plan can tell the staff about your wishes, values and any treatments you do or do not want. This is particularly useful in an emergency, or should you be unable to communicate them as your needs change.

    In South Australia, a competent adult can complete an Advance Care Directive, allowing you to:
    • Write down your wishes, preferences and instructions for future health care, end of life, living arrangements and personal matters, and/or
    • Appoint one or more Substitute Decision-Makers to make these decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so yourself.

    Visit the South Australian Government’s Advance Care Directives site
    to download or complete your Advance Care Directives form online

    Statutory documents completed prior to 1st July 2014 under previous legislation remain valid. These include Enduring Power of Guardianship, Medical Power of Attorney and Anticipatory Direction.

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