• Diversity

    Resthaven acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands on which its services are delivered. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future.

    Resthaven is a richly diverse South Australian community, founded on the principles of inclusion and unity, embracing and respecting each person’s beliefs, culture, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, lifestyle, life experiences and values.

    We support all older people through tailored assistance, acknowledging and respecting that each person’s needs and preferences are different, influenced by their diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

    This includes:

    • Working in partnership with each person to understand their unique cultural needs and lifestyle, and co-designing and providing services that are responsive to their individualised needs.
    • Providing cultural safety to our customers: so they feel comfortable and safe being themselves, and their personal identity is respected.
    • Delivering training to our staff in diversity and inclusion, and where possible, matching staff with a similar language and background as the older person.
    • Being guided by each person on whether they want to talk about their past and how much they want to reveal about their lived experiences.
    • Improving accessibility to information and resources;
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      • Google Translate* tool (top of this website) converts the text to the language you prefer
      • Accessibility menu tool (bottom of this website) to navigate our website in different ways; converting written text to spoken word, adjust contrast, change text size and text spacing for personalised reading experiences

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    Did you know that Resthaven’s employees come from 81 different countries and our clients & residents from 130 countries? Around 30% of our staff are born overseas, with 25% of our staff speaking a language other than English. In fact, there are 65 languages other than English spoken by our staff!


    Resthaven Western Community Services Client - Theodore and Manager Franco with iPad

    Makironi Gora, Resthaven Marion

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