• Your lifestyle at Resthaven

    We have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff who will passionately support you to continue your lifestyle. All lifestyle programs are based on your interests and suggestions.

    We partner with you to design a tailored program that fulfills your interests, preferences and personal needs.

    The Lifestyle program includes calendar events throughout the year, including cultural and religious observances.

    A lifestyle calendar is distributed regularly, and displayed on notice boards.

    The site newsletter also contains features on activities and special events.

    Our staff enjoy creating opportunities for connecting, engaging, socialising, being creative and learning. For example:

    • entertainment
    • bus trips
    • gardening
    • art and craft
    • computer skills
    • quiz and card games
    • singalongs/music
    • armchair travel

    ladies gardening

    Our Christmas was the best one in a long time: the food, the table settings, decorations, the meal, the staff, the whole team were there to assist and please us all. The gifts were unexpected and so many were amazing “not just one fits all!” They were so well thought out! And much appreciated – “all my Christmas’s came at once!” There are not enough words to express thanks, gratitude and appreciation for a wonderful day!
    When can we have another Christmas party?!

    -Resthaven Westbourne Park resident

    This Penpal Program between the residents of Resthaven Malvern and the Baan Sudthavas Foundation (BSV) in Thailand is a peace and friendship building program for older people from different backgrounds who share a common understanding. They have exchanged letters and gifts as part of an ongoing cultural exchange.

    The program culminated in being international finalists in the Innovation of the Year—Service Implementation category at the 5th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2017.

    All lifestyle programs are based on your interests and suggestions.

    A Lifestyle Coordinator describes the role:

    ‘My role is really about improving people’s quality of life. If you see someone smile at the end of the day, you’ve won.’

    ‘It’s a real pleasure to get to know each different person. You learn about how other people have lived, and what they’ve lived through. It’s amazing to hear their stories.’

    ‘It’s the little things that make the difference. You need to work out what people like, what each individual enjoys. It’s arranging an iPad call so that someone can sing a song to her grandchild every week, or making sure someone is wearing their favourite pair of shoes. Those little things are important.’

    Family and friends

    Spending time with family and friends is important.

    Residents can book a lounge or dining area on site for your private function to spend time with family and friends.

    Each site has several lounges, and some have private dining rooms.

    Outdoor entertainment areas are also available for barbeques and social activities.


    two senior ladies having coffee together

    Our Gardens


    Many Resthaven residential and community services sites have ‘sensory gardens’, promoting relaxation and calm, peacefulness, and a sense of independence.

    Sensory gardens aim to stimulate all five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch – through a variety of features. These include scented plants, water features, wind chimes, textured garden ornaments and furniture, bright colours, and array of plants and flowers that bring seasonal reminders of time and place.

    Resthaven sensory gardens are enjoyed by residents, clients, staff, and their friends and families alike.


    The Spirituality in the Garden program, introduced at Resthaven Marion by Rev Dr Bruce Grindlay, Coordinating Chaplain, seeks to build an interactive style of worship, with a focus on spirituality and the individual.

    Learn more about our pastoral care, chaplaincy, and spiritual support.

    The ‘Spirituality in the Garden’ program won an Aged Care Quality Agency ‘Commendation’ award at the 2017 Better Practice Awards in Sydney.

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