• Pastoral Care, Chaplaincy, and Spiritual Support

    listening over lunchResthaven’s team of Coordinating Chaplains engage with people from all social, emotional and spiritual backgrounds, supporting them to meet spiritual and pastoral care needs.

    They collaborate closely with other members of the residential care and service team, providing individually-tailored responses to residents of all faiths – or none, respecting the dignity and sacredness of each individual’s unique spiritual journey.

    They are always available to listen confidentially to the life experiences of residents, offering comfort and genuine pastoral care.

    Coordinating Chaplains are aware of the personal impact of changing circumstances, tragedy, and end of life issues, and are skilled at sensitively relating to people in times of need.

    They also engage with a team of caring and capable volunteer Chaplains’ Assistants.

    Coordinating Chaplains support people by:

    • Listening and spending time getting to know you
    • Conducting ecumenical services for Christian worship
    • Conducting discussion groups which are informal friendly gatherings where everyone is welcome
    • Leading memorial services which provide an opportunity to remember those residents who passed away during the year
    • Arranging visits by clergy, pastoral visitors and other spiritual practitioners to provide specific support to residents.
    • Assisting people to work through grief, loss, worry, and other ‘big questions in life’.

    Resthaven employs a team of Coordinating Chaplains who work with residents, their family and friends, to meet pastoral care needs.



    The National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care

    The National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care assert that spirituality is integral to quality of life and wellbeing, and should be accessible to all older people in a way that is meaningful to their beliefs, culture and circumstances.

    View the Guidelines here: http://meaningfulageing.org.au/national-guidelines-for-spiritual-care-in-aged-care-documents/

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