• About Resthaven

    Resthaven was established in 1935 to provide support and services to older people.

    We deliver high quality residential and community aged care services throughout metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia.

    A not-for-profit aged care community service associated with the Uniting Church in Australia, Resthaven is a separately incorporated, financially independent and charitable Public Benevolent Institution.

    Wattle Avenue, Brighton
    Wattle Avenue, Brighton. Opened by Lady Kidman on 11 May 1935.

    Positive Images of Ageing

    Resthaven campaigns to challenge negative stereotypes of ageing through promoting positive images of ageing. In 2006, a campaign was launched, involving good news stories and showcasing the wisdom and positivity of the older generations.

    At the time, Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hearn said,  ‘Older people have shaped this nation. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.’

    ‘The intrinsic worth of an individual and their relationships cannot be underestimated –they are vital – equally for both the very fit and the most frail of individuals.“

    ‘We need to affirm and recognise the essential worth of an older person as an individual, evident in their relationships as grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, veterans, friends, clients, colleagues, volunteers and so on.’

    ‘Yet so often, we see negative, stereotypical images of older people depicted to the general public through the media. Doing nothing only perpetuates this preconceived negativity. It is up to us to influence the imagery and embrace the media and its power to influence public perceptions.’

    “Service providers can challenge ageist stereotypes by making it a priority to encourage positive images of older people and positive images of working with older people.”

    In 2012, Resthaven created a series of TV commercials focusing on “Sharing the wisdom” of the older generation. You can view them by clicking below.

    Sharing the Wisdom TV Commercial 1 Sharing the Wisdom TV Commercial 2 Your Life, Your Lifestyle, Your Choice Commercial 3

    ‘Resthaven actively advocates on behalf of older people and works to celebrate good news stories that challenge ageism.’

    This active advocacy continues today.

    Do you want to remain living at home, leading an independent lifestyle?