• ‘Staying at Home’ Program in Regional South Australia

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    A new government-funded program which aims to support older South Australians living with dementia to stay at home for as long as possible.

    The Staying at Home in Regional South Australia program offers short-stay respite care, where the person living with dementia and their carer stay together on retreat with others for up to three days and two nights away, with 24/7 staff support.

    The program focuses on enabling people living with dementia and their carer to experience quality respite care, wellbeing and engagement opportunities with targeted support. The person living with dementia and their carer participate together.

    The carer may be a spouse/partner, child or other significant friend or family member.

    The program runs as a partnership between the carer and care recipient. Day retreats are also possible, with a wellness focus for the carer and meaningful engagement opportunity for the person living with dementia for the care recipient. Eligibility is for people living with mild to moderate dementia and their carer.

    In 2024, retreats will be held in:

    • Hindmarsh Island: three-day retreat on 25–27 June
    • Victor Harbor: single-day retreats on 8 and 15 July
    • Adelaide Hills: three-day retreats on 10–12 September and 5–7 November.

    Download the ‘Staying at Home’ program factsheet here

    Carers will receive practical support and advice from experienced staff and clinicians about:

    • older dark skin man happyUnderstanding and managing dementia
    • Accessing community care services
    • Looking after yourself
    • Planning for the future
    • Managing behaviour changes associated with dementia
    • Support for transition into respite care
    • How to continue enjoyable activities for longer
    • Managing physical changes such as mobility, continence, and communication.

    Whilst carers learn the skills they need to continue to support someone living with dementia to stay at home, their loved one will be supported by trained Resthaven staff 24/7. All meals and activities will be tailored to individual needs and preferences.

    Being a carer for someone you love can sometimes be challenging and isolating. The Staying at Home program creates opportunities for you to meet others who are going through the same experiences in a supportive environment, and for carers to know they are not alone.

    To access the program, you can:

    Expression of Interest-Staying at Home Program in Regional SA

    Frequently asked questions

    No, no referral is required. Eligibility criteria applies (a diagnosis of dementia, want to stay living at home, and have a carer).

    This is a free program with all meals and accommodation included.

    No. As long as you meet the criteria of having a diagnosis of dementia, want to stay living at home, and have a carer, you can access the program.

    Yes, there are several assessments conducted over the phone to determine eligibility for both you, the person with dementia, and your carer.

    Yes, the aim is to group people in a similar age bracket and diversity.

    Yes you can. However, as the aim of staying overnight is to empower and upskill carers to support the person living with dementia, the evenings are a great time to relax in a holiday environment and connect with others.