• How to Apply for Home Care Services

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    It’s easy to apply for Home Care Services at Resthaven. Simply call our Resthaven Community Services number on 1300 13 66 33, and our friendly staff will assist you with what you are looking for. You can also read about the application process by clicking the button below.

    How to apply for Home Care services in six steps

    Most older people are eligible for a wide range of home care services. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


    What services am I eligible for?

    Home Care Packages

    Resthaven’s Home Care Packages are approved through My Aged Care. The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will assess and approve services for each individual.

    Referrals for an ACAT assessment can be made by older people, their carers, family members, health professionals or community service providers.

    Contact Resthaven on 1300 13 66 33 to request an ACAT assessment through our facilitated referral service.

    Read more about Home Care Packages

    Lifestyle Choices Plus

    Anyone over 60 is eligible to receive Lifestyle Choices Plus services in their home. This is a private service individually-tailored and designed to support you on an affordable fee-for-service basis. This means you can receive services without having to wait for an assessment.

    Read more about Life Style Choices Plus

    To apply, please contact Resthaven Community Services on 1300 13 66 33.

    Commonwealth Home Support Program

    People aged 65 years and older (50 years for people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage) ) who have been assessed by My Aged Care as requiring support are eligible to receive some in-home support services through the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

    Read more about the Commonwealth Home Support Program


    Where an older person has a carer (spouse, friend, relative), and the carer requests assistance to have a break from their caring role, the older person may be eligible to access community respite services.

    Centre based group respite services are available at all Resthaven Community Services sites and can include group activities to encourage social interaction and may include group excursions. Carers and family members can take part in the activities or leave the person under their care in the care of trained Resthaven staff.

    To apply, please contact Resthaven Community Services on 1300 13 66 33.

    Health and Wellbeing

    Older people who are assessed as needing allied health and/or therapy services can attend health and wellbeing classes and therapies at one of our Therapy Centres. To apply, please contact Resthaven Community Services on 1300 13 66 33.

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