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    Equal Opportunity

    Resthaven achieved a high standard of compliance with the annual reporting requirements and obligations under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.

    Workplace Gender Equality Agency – Resthaven Report

    Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare (OHSW) Policy Statement

    Resthaven Incorporated shall ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all employees are safe from injury and risks to health whilst at work.

    We meet this commitment by ensuring that work practices and procedures adopted through the organisation comply with the Acts and Regulations governing Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare. All policies, procedures and work practices are regularly assessed to ensure that the imperatives of quality and best practice are integrated into all aspects of work.

    By virtue of section 4 (3) of the Occupational Health Safety & Welfare (OHS&W) Act 1986, volunteers are considered to be “employees”.

    Resthaven shall ensure that all persons take practical measures to ensure a safe and healthy working environment in keeping with the following defined responsibilities.