• How to Apply for Residential Care

    There are five steps to entering a Resthaven aged care home:

    An Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) representative will meet with you to assess your current needs to determine if you are eligible.

    To arrange an appointment, you can call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

    You can also apply for an assessment online here https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/assessment/apply-online


    When choosing Resthaven, rest assured you will be provided with quality services delivered by caring, highly skilled staff.

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    At Resthaven we believe that affordable aged care should be accessible to all across the full spectrum of financial means. Residents can choose from a selection of payment options in the form of a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), Daily Accommodation Payments (DAP) or a combination of both.

    Visit the Financial Page for more information

    If you would like to know how much you might have to pay you can use the My Aged Care Fee estimator tool to get estimate and  help you plan.

    To apply for an aged care home, you first need to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and get a letter of approval for the services you are eligible for. For information about the assessment process, go to  https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/assessment/apply-online

    You then can download and fill the Residential Accommodation Application Form by clicking on the green button at the top of this page and forward it to our accommodations team with your ACAT assessment (or ask your ACAT provider to forward your assessment to Resthaven directly).

    Resthaven then considers each applicant’s individual circumstances to ensure that accommodation vacancies are appropriate for the applicant and are allocated to applicants with the greatest needs.

    There may be a waiting list for accommodation. Places may be offered to people with the highest care needs, or the most appropriate fit for the available vacancy, rather than those who have been on the waiting list the longest.

    Just like any time you move house, the process can be daunting and emotionally challenging.

    Resthaven recognises this, and provides you with support to transition into your new home comfortably.

    It is important to have some of your own special things with you, and that your friends and family visit. It is also important that you are open to developing new relationships with people, particularly with the staff who are there to help.

    If requested, we can provide you with a social worker or chaplain to provide you with extra emotional support during this time.

    Visit the FAQs page for more information

    For more information, you can download the Australian Government brochure ‘Five Steps to Entry Into an Aged Care Home’.

    For more information about applying for residential care, contact the Residential Accommodation friendly team on:
    (08) 8373 9113
     or email: accommodation@resthaven.asn.au

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    Your Personal Information and Privacy

    Resthaven requires information about each applicant’s current circumstances, health, and financial situation.

    All personal and private information held by Resthaven will be collected and managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles.

    Please refer to Resthaven’s Privacy Policy for additional information.

    It is important that information provided reflects applicants’ needs, and that the Accommodation Enquiries Department is advised of any changes in personal circumstances, where changes may affect care needs or urgency of placement.

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