• Individualised spiritual support

    Individualised spiritual support

    Resthaven’s Coordinating Chaplains provide individualised spiritual support at every Resthaven residential site, encompassing a wide range of needs that are not always tied to a specific religion.

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    Rev Adam Tretheway

    ‘People experience spirituality in many diverse ways,’ explains Resthaven Relieving Coordinating Chaplain, Rev Adam Tretheway (pictured right).

    ‘The support that Resthaven Chaplains and volunteer Chaplain’s Assistants provide is tailored to those diverse spiritual needs – whatever they may be.’

    This was evidenced recently by a request from a resident for a combined Hindu/Christian funeral service, which Adam says, ‘was an honour’ to be involved in.

    He explains, ‘The resident was Hindu, but as a child, had attended a Catholic convent.’

    ‘She had said that, when she died, she would like a funeral with prayers led by a priest.’

    ‘In my first week at the home, she was nearing her end of life, and her son asked for a Chaplain to visit.’

    ‘I of course did so, and continued regularly until her recent peaceful passing.’

    ‘Her son then asked me if I would be open to performing her funeral.’

    ‘It was an honour to do so, blending Malaysian, Hindu, and Christian elements.’

    ‘People gathered from all around the world via Zoom, and the family were very grateful and touched.’

    ‘Celebrating the residents’ life in this way brought healing, peace and comfort to family members.’

    ‘The service of thanksgiving was not only an opportunity to honour the resident, but also of supporting them through their final journey.’

    This is just one example of the many ways in which the Resthaven Chaplaincy team provides individual support that meets the diverse needs of our resident community.

    All Resthaven residential aged care homes have an onsite Coordinating Chaplain and volunteer Chaplain’s Assistants. Click here for more information.

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