• 85th Anniversary

    85th anniversary celebrations at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park

    ‘It was the perfect way to celebrate the 85th anniversary, as it reminded us of the great organisation that we are all a part of.’ In December 2020, Resthaven Aberfoyle Park celebrated Resthaven’s 85th anniversary with a day of nostalgia. The day began with morning tea across all areas of the site, with physical distancing … Continued

    85th Anniversary celebration at Dunluce Castle

    A celebration fit for a queen at Dunluce Castle

    On 27 October, Resthaven Community Respite Services celebrated Resthaven’s 85th anniversary in 2020 with a celebration event at Dunluce Castle in Brighton. Manager, Carole Matthews, says, ‘Clients and staff alike enjoyed a lovely Devonshire tea, fellowship, and even some “sit down dancing”.’ ‘One client, Mr Ken Bock, particularly enjoyed the day, reminiscing about working at … Continued

    Art show to celebrate Resthaven’s 85th birthday

    On 19 October, to celebrate Resthaven’s 85th anniversary in 2020, the residents of Resthaven Marion showcased their artistic talents at a special event at the home at 10 Township Road. The highlight of the day was the unveiling of a 1.5m mosaic piece by Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, Darren Birbeck, and Manager Residential Services, Stephanie … Continued

    85th Anniversary Celebrations at Resthaven Leabrook

    On Thursday 24 September, Resthaven Leabrook celebrated Resthaven’s 85th anniversary year with an afternoon tea at the home at 336 Kensington Road, Leabrook. Manager, Mark Bednall, says, ‘Residents enjoyed a festive afternoon tea in the Hall, whilst they browsed a historical display celebrating Resthaven’s 85 year history.’ ‘Guests visited the hall in “shifts,” to accommodate … Continued

    85th Anniversary Celebrations at Resthaven Craigmore

    On Friday 28 August, Resthaven Craigmore celebrated Resthaven’s 85th anniversary year with a birthday party at the home at 200 Adams Road, Craigmore. Manager, Jane Perry, says, ‘Residents celebrated Resthaven’s milestone birthday with a festive party in the Hall, whilst still of course practicing all the appropriate physical distancing and COVID-safe measures.’ ‘The room was … Continued

    85th Anniversary Celebration at Resthaven Mount Gambier

    This year marks Resthaven’s 85th anniversary, and, on 5 August, Resthaven Mount Gambier celebrated this milestone with a festive event at the home at 24 Elizabeth Street, Mount Gambier. Lifestyle Coordinator, Trudyanne Bedson, says, ‘Due to COVID-19, the celebrations were different to how we planned them at the start of this year, however, we were … Continued

    Resthaven Officially Turns 85

    On 11 May, 2020, Resthaven officially celebrates 85 years of high quality care and support to older South Australians and their carers. ‘Rest Haven’ was officially opened at Brighton, on 11 May, 1935, by Lady Isabel Kidman, wife of the famous pastoralist, Sir Sidney Kidman. Resthaven’s humble roots were borne out of the Great Depression, … Continued

    Resthaven Turns 85

    The 11th of May was the day in 1935 that Resthaven was officially opened by Lady Isabel Kidman, wife of the prominent pastoralist, Sir Sidney Kidman. So it is that this year, Resthaven celebrates 85 years of working together with older people and their carers in South Australia. Richard Hearn Resthaven Over the years, many … Continued

    85th Anniversary research uncovers historical photo

    To mark Resthaven’s 85th anniversary, Resthaven is working with noted historian, visiting Research Fellow at The University of Adelaide and author, Dr Rob Linn, to update the history book. This revised edition is the third history book he has written. As part of his research into important developments over the past ten years since the 75th … Continued

    Board President Launches 85th Anniversary Events

    In 2020, Resthaven proudly celebrates 85 years of service to older people living in South Australia. ‘Resthaven’s purpose has always been to serve older people, and understanding this heritage points the way forward to the future,’ said President of the Resthaven Board, Mark Porter, who joined Resthaven Head Office staff and program managers to officially … Continued

    85th Anniversary Celebrations Kick Off!

    Throughout 2020, Resthaven will host celebrations across all sites to mark 85 years of service to older people and their carers. Resthaven Northern Community Services asked 85 clients, “What is one thing you like about Resthaven?” ‘We asked 85 clients, because Resthaven celebrates its 85th anniversary this year’, says Karen Hammond, Manager Resthaven Northern Community Services. … Continued

    It’s Resthaven’s 85th Birthday!

    In 2020, Resthaven celebrates 85 years of service, says former Resthaven CEO, Richard Hearn. ‘As we welcome in the new year, and new decade, we recognise Resthaven’s 85 years of working together with older people and their carers in South Australia,’ says Richard. ‘Over the years, many things have changed. However, our commitment to supporting … Continued