• Navigating the Aged Care system

    Navigating the Aged Care system

    None of us like to admit that we might need a little help one day.

    Like many things in life, a decline in our capacity to complete certain functions is something that creeps up on you. Tasks that you used to be able to manage easily, start to become more difficult.

    And navigating the aged care system for the first time can be daunting.

    If you are looking to receive subsidised services, My Aged Care is a great place to start, whether that be via the My Aged Care website or over the phone. This Australian Government service will undertake an initial phone assessment of your individual circumstances to help to identify the type of assistance that you might require, and who to contact to deliver these services.

    It is important to be aware that you will need to undertake a more detailed assessment and the level of that assessment will depend upon the services that you are seeking.

    Once you have received an assessment, you can commence the search to choose an aged care provider to meet your needs. Aged care providers are also a great source of information on what services are available to you and how to access them.

    There are services available that will meet your personal requirements, whether that be joining a social group activity, or exercise classes, assistance with cooking or the shopping, or nursing and allied health support. Should you need a higher level of care, home care packages and residential aged care are available.

    If you are the primary carer for an older person, you may be able to access respite support in the home, in groups or at a respite cottage.

    Retirement living is another way in which you can remain independent, while having your home and garden maintained for you. The breadth of choice in retirement living is as wide as our personalities, with everything from large, gated, lifestyle villages, with gyms and pools, to independent living delivered in small villages of only a few units.

    Getting the right help at the right time can make a significant difference to the quality of your life.

    For more information, visit the My Aged Care website or phone 1800 200 422.

    Opinion piece by Darren Birbeck
    Chief Executive Officer
    Resthaven Incorporated