• From the CEO

    Making a difference in the lives of older people

    Ask anyone working in aged care and they will tell you that it is the older people they support who give them the most joy. The close bonds that are formed, the stories and jokes they share, the kindness and gratitude expressed for the care and support provided means a great deal. There are countless … Continued

    What really drives behaviour? | CEO Opinion piece

    Why is that we don’t always do the things that we know are good for us? Each year people commit to New Year’s resolutions only to cast them aside months, weeks or even days into the year. Whether our resolution is to exercise more, lose weight, drink less or invest more time in ourselves, we … Continued

    Ageism in all its forms | CEO opinion piece

    In March this year, the World Health Organisation released its Global Report on Ageism. It found that one in two people are ageist against older people. This is confronting and many people would probably dispute this fact. However; if we reflect honestly on today’s society, we can see that ageism is far more pervasive than … Continued

    The priceless contribution of volunteers | CEO opinion piece

    Last week, we celebrated National Volunteer Week, giving us the opportunity to thank the people who make our community stronger. With almost six million people volunteering in Australia, they play a vital role in our lives, especially in times of need. The global pandemic has had a significant impact upon volunteers, particularly in aged care. … Continued

    Let’s not forget older Australians | CEO opinion piece

    On Anzac Day we have the opportunity to pay our respect and honour those who served our country during times of conflict. It is a privilege to hear the stories of courage and resilience from people who may now, deservedly, receive aged care and support services. It was pleasing that the government has recognised the … Continued

    It’s time to show we care about aged care | CEO opinion piece

    The final report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is both encouraging and upsetting for the people who currently work, live or receive aged care services. It is pleasing that the report has a strong focus on delivering care into people’s homes, and this has been acknowledged by government. People want … Continued

    Time to show you care about aged care | CEO opinion piece

    After more than two years of thorough investigation, the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety delivered its final report to the government on Friday 26 February 2021. It reveals that many older people are not receiving the care that they need and deserve, and that the Australian community expects. Over the past two … Continued

    For once our elders are being put first

    As the Australian government prepares to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine to people living in aged care homes, disability specific accommodation, and to our frontline workers, the inevitable discussion of choice is being raised. It makes perfect sense to want to protect our loved ones from any future risk or harm. The Therapeutic Goods Administration … Continued

    A Watchful Wait

    The first few months of 2021 will be a testing time for the aged care sector, waiting for the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. Recent clusters of COVID-19 in the Eastern states have highlighted the importance of remaining vigilant. For the front-line workers in aged care, this means continuing with visitor screening at residential aged … Continued

    Reflecting on my first six months as CEO

    People have asked me what motivated me to apply for the role of CEO for an aged care provider at a time like this. With a Royal Commission into aged care quality and safety already under way, years of chronic underfunding of the sector and major reform on the horizon, it certainly looked like a … Continued

    Time to dust off the bucket list

    As we near the end of what has been a year like no other, with the continuing threat of COVID-19, it is good to reflect on the annual traditions that we continue to recognise. In November each year, we honour and acknowledge all those who died or suffered in wars or armed conflicts. This Remembrance … Continued

    Royal Commission

    The final hearing of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was held on Thursday and Friday last week. More than 10,000 submissions have been received from the public and multiple hearings, workshops, community forums, meetings and roundtables have been held across the country. The Royal Commission has published eight background papers, fourteen … Continued

    What are the stories that define us?

    One of the great joys of working with older people is listening and learning from them when they share the stories of their past. Perhaps not surprisingly, it is not always the significant world events that matter to them the most, rather the personal stories of triumph, survival and resilience. Some share their sporting successes … Continued

    Older people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect

    Protecting the most frail, vulnerable, older individuals who need specialised and complex care and support in residential care is a major concern for our society, not just aged care providers. As our population ages, the need for these services will continue to grow, and it is imperative that we meet this demand with high-quality care. … Continued

    Who will pay for aged care?

    In its latest consultation paper, Financing Aged Care, the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has invited submissions about the future financing of the aged care system. It is an important discussion and one that the sector has been waiting for since the Royal Commission commenced. The paper begins with a quote from … Continued