• From the CEO

    What has changed since the Royal Commission?

    The end of February marks three years since the release of the final report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. So, what has changed and what does this mean for older Australians? One of the most significant initiatives was the release of 80,000 home care packages over two years in 2021-22 … Continued

    Another year of change

    The start of a new year is an opportunity to set some goals or resolutions for the year ahead. For the aged care sector, 2024 represents another year of ongoing change. In July this year, a new rights-based Aged Care Act commences, together with revised Aged Care Quality Standards. And, for the first time, residential … Continued

    Time flies

    I would love a dollar for every time someone mentions how quickly the past year has gone. It usually doesn’t take long for the conversation to turn to how time seems to go faster as we get older. We then reflect on a happier time when life took a more leisurely pace. Times have changed, … Continued

    ‘When I’m One Hundred and Four’

    In October, three generations of my family had the pleasure of seeing Sir Paul McCartney rock the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. It is hard to think of an act, other than The Wiggles, that have so successfully crossed two generation gaps. At 81 years old, McCartney is the epitome of healthy ageing. It was unthinkable twenty … Continued

    Just call me ‘Bob’

    Language is a powerful tool. It can bring us together as quickly as it can divide us. Over recent decades, we have become much more aware that using language to ‘label’ others can cause deep harm and distress. October 7 was Ageism Awareness Day, and it made me think about how the labelling of generations … Continued

    Ageism – delivered by your smartphone

    Smartphones have revolutionised our lives. These high-powered computers connect us to the world in a way we have never seen before, and businesses cleverly leverage their power to improve customer experiences, by adding value or convenience. Many memberships or services are now accessed via a mobile phone app. We use them to log in to … Continued

    Supporting people who care

    On Monday 7 August, we celebrate ‘Aged Care Employee Day,’ to thank all those who work in aged care for the vital role they play in the lives of older people. Aged care workers support the most vulnerable members of our society. They make a tangible improvement to the quality of life for thousands of … Continued

    A long winter

    Last Thursday was the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. It represents a turning point, when the days begin to get longer and the mornings start to get lighter. It has been a long winter for older Australians and their families, aged care workers and the dedicated providers who deliver … Continued

    Change Makers

    Last week, Volunteering Australia celebrated National Volunteer Week (15-21 May), with the theme ‘We are the change makers’, to highlight the powerful impact volunteers make. Volunteering can change the lives of both volunteers and those they support. This week offers an opportunity to recognise the crucial role of those volunteers who give their time and … Continued

    Respect and recognition

    Each Anzac Day, we recognise and honour the service of veterans and their families in appreciation of their contribution to our country and our way of life. It is a day to pause and reflect in commemoration. It is wonderful to see Australians of all ages come together to pay their respect at Anzac Day … Continued

    A feast of flavours

    In 2023, South Australia is a richly diverse society, with people from across the world bringing their varied backgrounds and experiences. Last week, we celebrated Harmony Week, which gave us the opportunity to embrace inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging. The makeup of our society has changed markedly over the past century. The people … Continued

    New Executive Manager Community Services announced

    Resthaven CEO, Darren Birbeck, announced today, ‘Due to the forthcoming retirement of Resthaven Executive, Sue McKechnie at the end of March, I am pleased to advise that Melanie (Mel) Ottaway has been appointed to the role of Executive Manager Community Services.’ ‘Mel comes to Resthaven from Uniting Communities, where she is the Executive Manager, Services … Continued

    A difficult time for everyone

    The announcement that a celebrity has dementia can make headlines around the world. It is sad when anyone has a diagnosis of dementia, but when a celebrity has this cruel condition, it is brought to the attention of a much broader audience. This must be challenging, not only for the individual, but for their loved … Continued

    A rewarding career

    There is something special about working in aged care. Many join the sector because of a personal association or experience, or previous responsibility for the informal care of a loved one. Whatever the reason, the compassion and care that exists in the hearts and minds of the staff is quite palpable. Indeed, it is not … Continued

    Executive Manager to retire after 18 years

    After almost two decades in the role, Resthaven Executive Manager Community Services, Sue McKechnie, has announced that she will retire in March 2023. CEO, Darren Birbeck, says, ‘I would like to thank and acknowledge Sue for the significant contribution that she has made over the past 18 years and the wonderful legacy that she has … Continued

    Resthaven expands Retirement Living Portfolio

    Resthaven CEO, Darren Birbeck, is pleased to announce that Resthaven has acquired a portfolio of retirement living villages from ACH Group, another well-regarded not for profit organisation. ACH Group CEO, Frank Weits, and Resthaven CEO, Darren Birbeck. ‘The acquisition of the 123 units across twelve sites will increase Resthaven’s retirement living portfolio by 40%, adding … Continued

    Reflecting on 2022

    As the end of the year approaches, it is hard not to reflect on the hardships experienced by older South Australians in 2022. Following the opening of the South Australian border, most aged care homes across the state were experiencing COVID outbreaks by January 2022. Early this year, we were still coming to grips with … Continued

    Just Keep Breathing

    Today, more and more people are living to celebrate their 100th birthday. At Resthaven we recognise a new group of centenarians in each of our quarterly publications. Our staff explain how privileged they feel to hear about the experiences that have shaped these individuals, speaking about their history, their story, their life. A 25-year-old staff … Continued

    Ageing Well

    On 1 October, we celebrated the International Day of Older Persons, recognising the vital contributions that older people make. There are many benefits that come with ageing. Retirement from full time work gives people the freedom to spend time on the things that they love most. It can be a liberating time; a time to … Continued