• Community is key for Charlie at Resthaven Murray Bridge

    Community is key for Charlie at Resthaven Murray Bridge

    At Resthaven Murray Bridge, Relieving Manager Charlie Roe is enjoying the unique mix of residents and staff who make up her remit.

    An Adelaide Hills resident herself, Charlie identifies with the country-town feel, where everyone knows each other, and connections are made at the school gate or on the sports field.

    ‘Resthaven has a strong position within the Murray Bridge community,’ Charlie says. ‘As Relieving Manager, I’m building new and stronger connections all the time so that residents are able to maintain their sense of place and wellbeing.’

    A recent example of this community spirit was when the local theatre group offered residents tickets to their latest show, as well as arranging a bus to take them to and from the venue. Residents and staff also enjoyed all the action of the Tour Down Under when the cycling route made its way past the aged care home.

    ‘We have some very proud Murray Mallee locals here,’ Charlie says. ‘And many of the residents have known each other for a long time. We’re making sure these friendships and associations continue.’

    Community connections

    Charlie has been a Registered Nurse for 35 years. She has worked in an array of clinical roles, as well as occupational health nursing, education, acute care, community, and disability. Having worked in the aged care sector in Victoria for ten years, Charlie returned to South Australia in 2022. As one of Resthaven’s Relieving Managers, Charlie says she is able to bring her ‘best self’ to each site.

    ‘I have the advantage that I am across all sites, so anything I see that works well in one location, I can then bring the learnings with me to the next site,’ Charlie says.

    ‘It also gives me the chance to meet amazing residents and staff all across South Australia. Over the coming months at Resthaven Murray Bridge, we will be having a focus on supporting people living with dementia – a passion of mine.’

    Since taking on the role of Relieving Manager at Resthaven Murray Bridge, Charlie has met with the local hospital and health clinics to form a strong network of care.

    ‘It is different to working in a metropolitan city,’ Charlie says. ‘I’m really enjoying how open and engaged everyone is, and how people are willing to work together to create a better outcome for residents and their families.’

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