• COVID-19 Information for our Communities

    COVID-19 Information for our Communities

    Resthaven is closely monitoring developments in relation to the coronavirus COVID-19.

    Resthaven’s COVID-19 Response Group is working through strategies and plans in line with the advice from the Commonwealth Department of Health and SA Health and will keep our community updated as the situation evolves.


    Resthaven is complying with government guidelines in relation to visitors to residential aged care.

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    Visitor Restrictions in Resthaven Residential Aged Care Homes

    On 30 May 2020, the Governor of South Australia approved a further 28 day extension of the existing Declaration of a Major Emergency under the Emergency Management Act 2004 within South Australia in respect to the outbreak of COVID-19. (https://www.sa.gov.au/covid-19/emergency-declaration)

    With some confusion evident about national and state responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, Federal Aged Care Minister, Senator Richard Colbeck, has stated that ‘the [relevant] state or territory health department has responsibility for the overarching public health response, even within an aged care facility.’

    When the Prime Minister makes recommendations to the states about restriction guidelines relating to COVID-19, each state must then consider how those recommendations will be applied.

    South Australia assesses the current situation against the recommendations of the Prime Minister. They are not enforceable in South Australia until the State Coordinator, Police Commissioner Grant Stevens, enacts a Direction. The South Australian Directions apply to everyone living in, and entering, SA.

    Under section 25, the Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care Facilities No 5 (COVID-19) Direction ), effective 19 June 2020, was revoked and replaced by South Australia Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care Facilities No 6) (COVID-19) Direction 2020, effective 20 June 2020. It is an offence to breach this Direction.

    The Direction outlines changes to conditions for entry into residential aged care facilities in South Australia. These include that:

    • No person can enter an aged care facility if they have not been vaccinated against 2020 seasonal influenza.
    • A resident in an aged care facility may receive a visit each day from a family member or friend (maximum of two people at a time). Visitors should undertake physical distancing of 1.5 metres, and not attend with symptoms of COVID-19, respiratory symptoms or a fever.
    • Children under 16 years may now visit aged care facilities provided they meet all screening criteria including evidence of 2020 seasonal influenza vaccination.
    • A visitor must not enter a residential aged care facility if, during the 14 days immediately preceding the entry, the person was in a place other than South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Western Australia, or Queensland.
    • End of life visits are now exempt from the 14 days quarantine relating to interstate travellers, provided that visitors quarantine when not visiting the facility
    • Prospective residents may arrange a visit to view a room and should contact the facility to make arrangements. The visit is to be no longer than two hours in duration and by a maximum of two people.
    • The Chief Executive SA Health and delegated authorised officers can now provide conditional or unconditional exemption to the Direction in exceptional circumstances.

    All people (staff, medical practitioners, etc) entering a site must sign in and wash their hands or use the hand sanitiser found in various places across the site. Temperature checking and viewing evidence of having had a 2020 seasonal influenza vaccination is also mandatory.

    The updated direction now permits residents to leave the facility without any restriction

    Hand hygiene and health status principles apply when visiting vulnerable older people who live in the community.

    Events and Activities

    Resthaven has reviewed events and activities with the objective of enabling social distancing (1.5 metres).

    Sadly we have postponed planned events and limited on site and external gatherings until further notice in all our residential and community services locations. This includes a number of 85th anniversary celebrations.

    We will advise residents and clients about the latest government directives. This includes restrictions on visiting and activities at residential sites, and how different types of home care services that we provide in people’s homes and service locations may be impacted.

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    Darren Birbeck
    CEO Resthaven Incorporated