• COVID-19 Vaccination Information for our Communities

    Poster with link to webpage with information about COVD-19 vaccines for residential aged care facilities

    All Resthaven aged care homes have had vaccination clinics for residents who chose to be vaccinated.

    We encourage all residents and community clients to be fully vaccinated, including having a COVID booster.

    It is very important that anyone with COVID-like symptoms or who have COVID-19, or are living with someone in their household who has COVID-19, notifies their Resthaven coordinator or site as soon as possible. It is imperative that you let our staff know this before entering the home. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    COVID-19 vaccination is strongly recommended for all aged care workers.

    Do we still need other precautions to stop the spread?

    Yes, we need to continue COVIDSafe practices (eg hand hygiene). Having the vaccine is just one part of keeping the community safe and healthy.

    Where can you find trusted information?

    You can find information, including translated information on the Commonwealth Department of Health’s COVID-19 vaccine website.

    You can also talk to your GP about COVID-19 vaccines and why vaccination is an important part of keeping our community safe and healthy.

    Please refer to Resthaven’s COVID-19 Information for our communities page, for all general information about the COVID-19 pandemic including the latest visitor information.

    Influenza Vaccination

    The current advice from Australia’s immunisation experts is: the minimum interval between having COVID-19 vaccination and any influenza vaccine is 14 days.

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