• Board President Launches 85th Anniversary Events

    Board President Launches 85th Anniversary Events

    In 2020, Resthaven proudly celebrates 85 years of service to older people living in South Australia.

    ‘Resthaven’s purpose has always been to serve older people, and understanding this heritage points the way forward to the future,’ said President of the Resthaven Board, Mark Porter, who joined Resthaven Head Office staff and program managers to officially launch a year of celebrations in recognition of Resthaven’s 85th anniversary.

    ‘From humble beginnings, as the Great Depression enveloped Australia, Resthaven was established to support those frail and vulnerable older people who had no one to support them as they aged,’ Mark told the assembled group.

    ‘Having an appreciation of history is very important in defining who you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going; albeit as we know in life, we are not defined by our past. It is of significant relevance to how we proceed in the future. This is true for organisations, as well.’

    The Methodists who founded Resthaven in 1935 wouldn’t recognise it today. Who would?

    Think about the changes that have occurred over the last 85 years.

    Think about how Resthaven has grown from one house with a handful of residents and staff to the amazing community it now represents.

    Think about the complexity of the business, the funding, the reach of residential and community services, and the size, talent and skill of the work force.

    What a story!

    Yet for all that, there’s one thing the Methodists would recognise today. It’s their legacy, for which we owe a debt of gratitude.

    ‘I’m referring, of course, to Resthaven’s foundational values which continue to underpin everything we do. Those early Methodists understood – as we must understand, whatever the challenges we face – that Resthaven is the living expression of God’s love and purpose in the world.

    ‘And it’s our vocation, our duty and our privilege to love and care for the elderly, the frail and the vulnerable in the community, just as He loves and cares for us.

    ‘So, on this special anniversary, join with me in saying: God bless Resthaven.

    ‘And many happy returns on your 85th birthday.

    Throughout the year, there will be a host of celebratory events across the organisation.

    Mark is pictured with Chief Executive Officer Richard Hearn, cutting the celebratory cake in front of the gathered crowd.

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    Resthaven supports older people and their carers throughout metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia.