• 85th Anniversary Celebration at Resthaven Mount Gambier

    85th Anniversary Celebration at Resthaven Mount Gambier

    This year marks Resthaven’s 85th anniversary, and, on 5 August, Resthaven Mount Gambier celebrated this milestone with a festive event at the home at 24 Elizabeth Street, Mount Gambier.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Trudyanne Bedson, says, ‘Due to COVID-19, the celebrations were different to how we planned them at the start of this year, however, we were still determined to make it a special occasion.’

    ‘Residents enjoyed birthday cupcakes for morning tea, with each cupcake bearing an ‘85’ as the cake topper.’

    ‘The morning tea trolleys were decorated with balloons and a ‘happy 85th birthday’ banner.’

    ‘A bouquet of different coloured helium balloons, along with a ‘happy 85th birthday, Resthaven’ banner decorated each area of the home.’

    ‘Along with all this, a large ‘85,’ made from helium balloons, decorated our front entrance.’

    ‘All in all, it was a great event, which residents certainly enjoyed; especially the photo station in the café, where residents were able to dress up in hats and feather boas. There were lots of laughs and giggles!’

    ‘As you can see from the photos, it was a really fun morning.’

    Resthaven Relieving Manager Residential Services, Jane Abbot, who was relieving at the home at that time says, ‘Thank you so very much to the lifestyle team for making this celebration so special.’

    ‘The event went very well, and residents were very happy participating in the celebrations.’

    ‘Thank you to all who came along and helped us celebrated Resthaven’s 85th birthday.’

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