• Exercise and Wellness

    Need to stay mobile?

    Photo of elderly women stretchingFor a fun and low impact way, join one of Resthaven Community Services’ exercise and wellness groups.

    With services offered at a community services site near you, you are sure to benefit from our individually tailored programs, and make new friends, too.

    Some of our services are listed below.

    To find out more, call Resthaven on 1300 13 66 33.

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    What services are available?

    • Hydrotherapy

    Used for both rehabilitation and gentle exercise, this class helps to strengthen muscles, improve movement, and ease aches and pains.

    • Falls Prevention

    Falls prevention classes focus on strength and movement, showing you how to fall-proof yourself and your home.

    • Keep Fit

    Keep fit, socialise and have fun at one of our exercise classes, focusing on strengthening muscles and improving joint movement.

    • Tai chi/Chi Ball

    Perfect for those with low mobility, relax and take a chi ball or tai chi class! Improve posture, concentration, and reduce aches and pains.

    Interested? Call Resthaven on 1300 136 633 to find out more.

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    • Massage

    Our massage therapy is delivered by qualified physiotherapists to help relieve aches and pains.

    • Activity Groups

    Our activity groups are tailored to your interests. Come along and join in painting, knitting, games, outings or something that you suggest!

    • Social Engagement

    Resthaven offers fun social groups in a variety of settings to suit all lifestyles. Click here for more information.

    • Parkinson’s Disease Support Group

    Physical and emotional support for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Click here for more information.


    Affordable Private Services

    Did you know that you can access affordable home services without assessment or eligibility testing?

    Resthaven’s Lifestyle Choices Plus delivers tailored services when and where you want it, with no waiting!

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    Do you want to remain living at home, leading an independent lifestyle?