• Rehabilitation and Therapy

    A little rehabilitation or therapy can assist to maximise independence with the activities of daily living.

    Resthaven’s rehabilitation and therapy services are designed to improve quality of life through rehabilitation, maintenance and ‘reablement’.

    Upon recommendation from your doctor or other health professional, we can facilitate your application process through My Aged Care.

    Contact Resthaven Community Services on 1300 136 633 for more information.

    Therapy services can be delivered in your home, or at your local Community Services site.

    Therapy services offered include:
    • Physiotherapy – Improve muscle and joint movement with tailored exercises and treatments.
    • Occupational therapy – Helping you live well at home.
    • Podiatry – Helping to keep you on your feet for life.
    • Speech pathology – Individual or group therapy supporting those recovering from stroke, surgery or injury, including aphasia.
    • Nursing – Delivering quality nursing support at home.
    • Continence management – Consultation, exercise and education to build confidence and improve quality of life.
    • Falls prevention – Individual support and group strengthening sessions offered at a Community Services site near you.
    • Exercise programs – Group exercise sessions offered at a Community Services site near you.
    • Dietetic services – Dietary advice and support from qualified dietitians to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    • Counselling and Social Work – Support available upon request.
    • Parkinson’s disease – Supporting people who are suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and their carers with both physical and emotional support and self-management programs.
    • Chronic condition self-management – Support to help you manage diabetes, stroke, arthritis or other conditions.

    Therapy services can be tailored to a range of needs and supports for people living with a variety of illnesses and injuries.

    These include:
    • Alzheimer’s disease, dementia/memory loss – Group support and social groups.
    • Parkinson’s disease – Support for people with Parkinson’s Disease and their carers, both physical and emotional support.
    • Stroke – Helping you get back on your feet.
    • Recovery from surgery/injury – Providing physiotherapy, exercise or nursing services during recovery.

    To find a service near you call 1300 136 633, or click the link below.

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    Resthaven actively runs support programs for people living with dementia.

    These programs are funded by the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), and offer both individual and group activities for people over 65 years living with memory loss, with or without an identified carer.

    These tailored programs provide a supportive environment that aim to reduce isolation, strengthen community and social supports, promote wellness and independence, and provide memory support through Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and Brain Training.

    Making Minds Matter is a program that is a structured, evidence based group therapy, involving physical and mental exercises and activities to stimulate thinking, concentration and memory. The benefits of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy include increased social interaction, improved alertness, confidence and communication. It also promotes physical and mindful activities, based around each person’s interests in a safe environment, where people can be engaged, empowered, and challenged. Above all, it offers an opportunity to be creative, have fun and encourage participation.

    The four tiered approach of the Making Minds Matter program involves Level 1 and 2 as the evidence-based Cognitive Stimulation Therapy program of 60 minutes, twice per week, for seven weeks. This is facilitated by an Occupational Therapist, and is followed with a maintenance program (Level 2).

    For more information on Dementia Support click here.

    To find a service near you call 1300 136 633, or

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    Resthaven’s nursing services aim to improve the quality of life for older people living in the community or residential care. We provide rehabilitation, transitional care, and clinical nursing and allied health services for people living at home.

    Resthaven’s enrolled and registered nurses are fully qualified and trained to deliver specialist care in the following areas:
    • Dementia care – Resthaven’s Professional Nursing services provide dementia-focused clinical care. Click here information about Dementia Care.
    • Palliative Care – Resthaven supports people whose illness or chronic condition cannot be cured. Click here for more information.

    Did you know that you can access affordable home services without assessment or eligibility testing?

    Resthaven’s Lifestyle Choices Plus delivers tailored services when and where you want it, with no waiting!

    Click here to find out more about  our Private Personal Care Service Lifestyle Choices Plus.