• Food, Glorious Food!

    Food, Glorious Food!

    With the cooler weather now here, delicious winter menus are being rolled out across all Resthaven residential aged care homes.

    Lamb shanks, creamy chicken casserole, and tiramisu are just some of the menu choices on one day’s menu, photographed at Resthaven Malvern; from the breakfast tray delivered to residents in their rooms, the main meal of the day, and the lighter evening meal – to create a ‘day on a plate’ in photographs.

    ‘Resthaven is proud of the meals we serve. We go to great lengths to consult with residents and to ensure they enjoy nutritious, delicious meals, cooked fresh from our individual site kitchens,’ says Andrew Stanley, Corporate Coordinator Housekeeping Services.

    ‘Our four-week rotational menus are prepared for summer and winter. Prior to each seasonal menu release, meal and menu surveys are distributed to residents, so that they can indicate their preferences, or request their favourite meals,’ says Andrew.

    ‘The surveys are collated by each site Coordinator of Housekeeping Services, and all reasonable preferences are considered, along with individual dietary requirements.’ The menu is developed by the site cook and Coordinator Housekeeping Services.

    ‘Texture modified foods are available for those residents who have difficulty with swallowing. The requirements for a resident are prescribed by a trained speech pathologist.

    ‘Each year every site has a seasonal menu reviewed by an external dietitian to ensure that it’s nutritionally balanced.’

    ‘Once this whole process is complete, the new menu is put in place.’

    ‘As the menus change every summer and winter, the menu choices reflect the warmer or cooler weather – such as hearty soups during the colder months, and light, fresh salads in summer.’

    ‘Each site enjoys an individually designed menu with an array of choices that reflect the preferences and tastes of the residents living there, with meals freshly made in the site kitchens.’

    ‘Residents are encouraged to provide feedback about their meals throughout the year, and we cater to individual dietary needs.’

    ‘Enjoying good quality food is so important to quality of life, and we pride ourselves on bringing this to Resthaven residents.’

    ‘We have been focussing on improving the dining experience in our dining rooms, so that mealtimes are pleasurable.’

    ‘Entertaining over a meal is something most people look forward to and enjoy, so we also have private dining rooms available at a number of sites for families and friends to book and enjoy special occasions together. This is particularly beneficial for residents who have difficulty getting out and about.’

    ‘Another opportunity is the High Tea package that can be booked and purchased for those special occasions.’

    Find out more about High Tea at Resthaven

    This menu is from a day at Resthaven Malvern

    Cereal, yoghurt with fruit, toast, juice and coffee or tea
    delivered to the room via a breakfast tray.

    Lamb Shanks
    Creamy Chicken Casserole



    Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup


    Spinach and Cheese Frittata
    Corned Beef Salad Plate
    Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich

    Mandarins and Custard

    Fresh fruit is available

    Check out an example of a summer menu here.

    Each residential site at Resthaven features differing menus, reflecting individual choices as determined by the seasonal menu survey and dietary requirements of the residents. All meals are cooked fresh onsite.

    Serving sizes and texture will be adjusted according to each resident’s needs, dietary, and health requirements.

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