• COVID-hiatus ends for Resthaven and Westminster School

    COVID-hiatus ends for Resthaven and Westminster School

    After a two-year COVID-hiatus, Resthaven Marion and Westminster School’s long-standing relationship has come back with full-force in time for Christmas.

    Resthaven Marion Lifestyle Coordinator, Tamara Jacquier, says, ‘Before restrictions, residents looked forward to weekly visits from students who ran a popular technology session, guiding them through basic use of phones, computers and Google.’

    ‘Around Christmas time, Westminster students would always come to help make the decorations, spreading immense joy throughout the site.’

    two male teenagers in school uniform with elderly lady standing in the middleNow, after a long two years of COVID-19 restrictions, it had been mutually agreed that it was time to reconnect the relationship between Resthaven Marion and Westminster School.

    ‘A lovely girl, and class captain, Olivia, reached out to us directly, expressing her year eight class’s interest in returning for a crafting session. We were absolutely thrilled to go ahead once we had approval.’

    On Tuesday 15 November, 17 students from Westminster School joined residents and staff in the Main Hall, ready to get crafting.

    ‘We first enjoyed a session of Thai Chi, receiving great response from the students, before getting stuck into paper bauble making.’

    ‘Some students brought along some other Christmas crafts that they had been working on, as a gift to residents they had the opportunity to connect with.’

    Teenage school students in uniform with elderly ladies‘Residents were so excited to see the children again that a couple of residents, who don’t usually involve themselves in crafting groups, were the first ones there.’

    ‘One resident commented on how she doesn’t usually like to be in photos, but today, she was jumping in every photo she could!’

    ‘It is just beautiful to see the inter-generational connection between the students and residents, and we hope to welcome them back soon for more interactive activities.’

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