• Therapy horses work their magic in memory support

    Therapy horses work their magic in memory support

    Nolton Park’s therapy horses are back, and this time, to visit residents at Resthaven Westbourne Park.

    These gentle miniature horses are trained to visit aged care sites, hospitals, palliative care, and Ronald McDonald House, providing adults and children with a healing interaction.

    Horse therapy is particularly helpful in promoting physical and emotional growth in older people.

    Manager, Kamala Sharma, says, ‘After seeing the success from various Resthaven sites, we spoke with the team to discuss a visit for residents, including the Memory Support Unit.’

    On 15 September, residents and staff gathered in the Activity Hall, while the trained horses and their trainers made their way around the circle for a personalised interaction.

    ‘Our hall was full of residents who had tears of happiness to meet these cuties!’

    ‘The horses were intuitive to each resident’s needs. Some came in for a shy pat, while others shared a longer embrace.’

    ‘It was amazing to see residents—particularly those who joined from the Memory Support Unit— be so engaged with the animals.’

    ‘Everyone left with big, bright smiles on their faces.’

    Thank you to the team at Nolton Park for another positive experience.

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