• A milestone 46-year career with Resthaven

    A milestone 46-year career with Resthaven

    This year, Resthaven Malvern Housekeeping Services Assistant, Lesley Wimbles, celebrates a record 46 years of service with Resthaven.

    Like all great stories, Lesley’s milestone achievement has a humble beginning. Back in 1977, her neighbour offered her a short-term job to work the “tea shifts” at Resthaven Malvern.

    Lesley explains: ‘The Resthaven Malvern matron, Barbara, lived across the road from me. One day, she asked me, “you wouldn’t like a job, would you, for six weeks? We’re desperate!”’

    ‘And I said, “Oh gee, I’ll have to ask mum if she can watch the kids — as long as it’s only six weeks”. Well, we all know it ended up being longer than that!’

    ‘I still remember my first day, helping with the tea duties,’ Lesley continues.

    ‘In those days, there were 84 residents sitting together in one big dining room. I remember thinking, “How will I remember all their names?” But, amazingly, I did!’

    Lesley Wimbles receives her 45-year-service award in July 2022 from Resthaven Board President, Mark Porter, and Resthaven CEO, Darren Birbeck
    Lesley Wimbles receives her 45-year service award in July 2022 from Resthaven Board President, Mark Porter (L), and Resthaven CEO, Darren Birbeck (R)

    Since that time, Lesley has enjoyed several roles within the Resthaven Malvern housekeeping department, turning her hand to anything thrown her way.

    ‘When the sweets cook was sick, I used to go in and do the sweets in the main kitchen. That was awesome — a lot of fun,’ she says.

    Lesley also remembers many a Christmas when residents came back late from viewing the Lobethal lights on the Resthaven bus.

    ‘They used to go to the lights and then come back for supper, which I would have ready for 10pm,’ Lesley says.

    She also fondly reflects on all the recipes she’s traded over the years.

    ‘I remember when one lady, Molly, gave me a nut loaf recipe. This was years ago, but I made that nut loaf just the other day! It’s labelled in my recipe book as “Molly’s nut loaf.” She was a beautiful lady.’

    These fond memories, and heartfelt connections with residents, are the reason for Lesley’s dedicated service to the Resthaven Malvern community.

    ‘All in all, it has been a privilege to hear the most wonderful life stories of people over the years. There is always something new or different to talk about,’ Lesley says.

    ‘Working at Resthaven has definitely changed me as a person. It has made me very compassionate, more understanding, and respectful.’

    ‘I just think, if I can put a smile on residents’ faces each day, then I’ve done my job,’ she says.

    We wholeheartedly agree, Lesley!


    Watch Lesley’s testimonial via the Youtube video below.

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