• Happy crafters social group on the Limestone Coast

    Happy crafters social group on the Limestone Coast

    The Limestone Coast Craft Social Group are at it again, this time decorating hessian shopping bags during their weekly ‘social group’ catch up at the Resthaven Limestone Coast Community Services office at 11 George Street, Millicent.

    Coordinator, Christine Charles, says, ‘We held this activity at the suggestion of a client who had decorated a shopping bag in this way many years ago.’

    ‘She wanted to share the idea with her fellow crafters, as she receives so many compliments about her bag!’

    ‘In the end, two sessions were held, as word spread about this new activity and many clients expressed interest in joining in on the fun.’

    ‘Clients decorated the shopping bags with fabric and lace offcuts that they brought from home.’

    ‘They really enjoyed getting involved in this activity and expressing their creative flair!’

    ‘The happy crafters were delighted with their masterpieces — reporting that they have received many compliments from the general public about their bags when they go out shopping.’

    This social group is just one of the many wellness supports available for older people through Resthaven Limestone Coast Community Services.’

    ‘Our staff support older people throughout the Limestone Coast to continue to live independently in their own homes through a range of services and supports, tailored to suit individuals and groups. Programs designed to support carers to have a break are also available.’

    ‘We have offices in Millicent, Mount Gambier, and Naracoorte. Resthaven also operates a residential aged care home in Mount Gambier.’

    Next month, the craft group will be repurposing beads and jewellery. Watch this space!

    If you would like to learn more about how Resthaven Limestone Coast Community Services can support you, phone 8762 4389.

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