• Short Term Restorative Care Places announced

    Sue McKechnie, Resthaven Executive Manager Community Services, says, ‘We are delighted that Resthaven received an additional 20 Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) places in the last ACAR funding round.’

    This is a great outcome that will enable us to continue to meet demand for high quality services that support older people to live independently in their own homes in the northern metropolitan area and our country regions.’

    ‘Short Term Restorative Care is an eight-week intensive program to address functional issues that impact an older person’s quality of life.’

    ‘A multidisciplinary team supports each client, with the aim of restoring them back to good health, within the context of their individual wellness goals.’

    ‘The program has the flexibility to tap into a wide range of health resources, such as occupational therapy and physiotherapy.’

    ‘In 2020, Resthaven supported 173 older people through the STRC program, with 84% of participants increasing their functional ability, and 41% decreasing their risk of falling.’

    Elderly couple with trolley in a back porch‘One of the people who benefited is Mr Ron Hall of Craigmore. He was able to remain living at home whilst recovering from a major health setback, thanks to support from a STRC package provided through Resthaven Northern Community Services.

    Ron’s wife, Pauline, says, ‘Ron had several falls due to his Parkinson’s disease, and our home wasn’t a safe place for him to move around in any longer.’

    ‘Resthaven staff paid several visits to assess what changes would help Ron to live safely at home. We are so grateful for the improvements that were made through the package.’

    ‘Upon realising that Ron could no longer safely collect firewood from his shed, and after hearing how important it is to him, Resthaven purchased him a special trolley from his STRC package funds. Ron can now continue his much-loved tradition – and it’s great to use for gardening, too.’

    ‘The wonderful people who came have made a huge difference to his life and wellbeing. We can’t speak highly enough of the professional help and advice we received.’

    ‘We think it’s a fantastic program.’

    Ron continues to attend the weekly Parkinson’s Group at Resthaven Northern Community Services and, as an avid music fan and record collector, enjoys fortnightly social visits, spending time listening to music and discussing his collection.

    Pauline has recently commenced social group visits, attending her first at the Resthaven Northern Community Services Gawler outreach office, which opened in July. She is thoroughly enjoying making new friends (and reconnecting with old ones).

    Every day, Resthaven shares the lives and wisdom of older people such as Ron and Pauline, opening doors to the full range of aged care service options available.

    Visit www.resthaven.asn.au to find out more.

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