• Therapy animals have a positive impact

    Therapy animals have a positive impact

    On Friday 17 September, clients of Resthaven Marion Community Services welcomed a special equine visitor for the afternoon.

    ‘The Friday Club social group expressed their interest in animals, so we reached out to Kimberley at Nolton Park, who is the handler of therapy miniature horse, Moet,’ says Monika Lyckholm, Social Group Coordinator.

    This visit was not Moet’s first. She has special work to do in regularly visiting aged care homes, hospitals and palliative care hospices, providing comfort and support to those who need it.

    After the usual Friday Club afternoon tea, clients welcomed Kimberley and Moet, as they sat in a large circle, waiting for Moet to greet each of them.

    ‘Clients instantly felt the comfort of Moet’s presence, noting her patient, gentle, healing and intuitive nature.’

    ‘There were many conversations around their surprise at her small stature – clients couldn’t believe how small miniature horses are!’

    Moet worked her way around the room, intuitively recognising clients who were eager to pat her, and the more hesitant ones.

    ‘Moet had an individual approach to each client, seeming to know what they needed at that moment, and the level of interaction they wanted to have with her.’

    ‘It was beautiful to watch clients who would normally sit back from something like this to be open to patting her and laughing with others.’

    ‘Therapy animals are so important to clients, helping significantly to persuade them out of their comfort zone to enjoy something new – giving them confidence that they may not have had prior.’

    When Moet’s visit ended, Kimberley assured the group that she would enjoy a well-earned rest and some dinner when she returned home.

    Thank you for your visit, Kimberley and Moet.

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