• Team Talent Showcase shines

    Team Talent Showcase shines

    On Friday 19 May, the inaugural Resthaven ‘Team Talent Showcase’ was held at the Adelaide Pavilion.

    An initiative of Resthaven CEO, Darren Birbeck, the event aimed to bring staff together from across Resthaven, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent and experience in managing and leading practical challenges in the workplace.

    Darren says, ‘We are always looking for ways to grow and develop our people.’

    ‘Created in partnership with Top Branch Consulting, the Team Talent Showcase aimed to identify, recognise, inspire and retain Resthaven’s next generation of leaders by providing them with unique team-based management simulation experiences to spark their appetite and increase their confidence to be leaders within Resthaven.’

    ‘Staff from across Resthaven and at all levels were invited to submit an Expression of Interest to be part of the program, with eight teams of six selected.’

    Principal of Top Branch Consulting, Taryn Sexton, explains, ‘The really special thing about this program is that each team comprised staff members from across different Resthaven sites and departments, fostering inter-departmental and cross-site collaboration and understanding well beyond the program.’

    ‘Everyone brings different skills and backgrounds, whether they’re from head office, a residential site, or community services — giving people a chance to learn about different parts of Resthaven.’

    Each team participated in activities and tasks over three self-directed sessions, culminating in the Team Talent Showcase Day to put their skills to the test.

    Darren says, ‘On the day, participants had the opportunity to develop and showcase their knowledge, undertaking a series of activities that were designed to replicate real life challenges in aged care that leaders often face.’

    ‘Team performance on Showcase Day was assessed, with activities scored and prizes awarded to the best team’s performance in each category.’

    ‘Post-event, participants received feedback and debriefs.’

    Executive Manager People and Culture, Sylvia Powell, says, ‘The Team Talent Showcase has exceeded our expectations on so many levels.’

    ‘There are now Resthaven employees who are going to sing the benefits of this program to their colleagues and encourage them to contribute and participate in future years to come.’

    ‘It’s an experience that many participants have said they’ve not previously had in their entire career. The value for them is multifaceted and ticks all the boxes — personal development, connection, and learning.’

    ‘The day itself was a joyful experience where staff from across Resthaven could come together to share and learn with each other, while also having a bit of fun.’

    Participants certainly agree with Sylvia’s sentiment, with some commenting:

    ‘It’s a very good opportunity to get together with our team and learn to work together in new challenges. We had a lot of intense tasks to complete, but we did it!’

    ‘We’ve learned a lot over the course of the Team Talent Showcase, especially with being put in situations that we previously didn’t have experience in. I feel that we’ve all grown in our communication and confidence.’

    ‘We really focused on each other’s strengths and came together as a team, and I think we’ve achieved some great outcomes and reached a lot of our learning goals.’

    Overall, the Team Talent Showcase provided a unique opportunity to celebrate the important work that Resthaven does every day to support residents and clients. What a fantastic experience for all involved!

    Watch the video below of the Showcase Day.

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