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    Live Well, Die Well Booklet

    Important information about end-stage dementia.

    Carers Booklet
    This booklet contains important information for past and current carers about end-stage dementia.

    Coordinator’s Handbook
    This handbook is aimed at assisting Coordinators to gain an understanding of how to work in partnership with the person with end-stage dementia and their families.

    Resthaven Community Services Group Programs

    A variety of group programs for older people living in the community.

    Activities include health and wellness, exercise, social activities, and respite. For more information or to make a booking, please contact Resthaven Community Respite Services on (08) 8198 2060 o email respite@resthaven.asn.au

    Resthaven practices a restraint free approach

    A brochure to assist residents, clients, and families to understand what restraint is, and how Resthaven practices a ‘restraint free’ approach.

    It provides information about what the restrain free approach is including examples and common misuderstandings about restrain.

    The Good, the Bad, and the Brilliant

    A booklet that relates the personal experiences of being a carer of, or as a person living with dementia.

    Arising from conversations with a number of carers and people living with dementia, this document aims to capture the uniqueness of each journey, while exploring the shared experience. This cohesive set of personal stories comes together as a balanced narrative that explores the good, the bad and the brilliant along the way. It should be read by all people touched by dementia, and even those who are not.

    With a Little Help… How family and friends can support a Carer

    This booklet is for the family and friends of a Carer: to help you support someone you know who is caring for someone else.

    Many Carers say that they sometimes experience a sense of isolation – that those around them, family and friends, can’t quite ‘get’ what it is that the Carer is going through. Carers we have spoken with said that they wished there was some information available to their family and friends that would help them understand and better support the Carer. Here you will find information and practical ideas to support a Carer in their important role.