• University Delegation visits Resthaven Port Elliot

    University Delegation visits Resthaven Port Elliot

    On Thursday 6 July, Resthaven Port Elliot hosted a delegation from the University Adelaide, and Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.

    Dr Joost van Hoof, of Fontys University, was joined by Associate Professor Veronica Soebarto, School of Architecture and Built Environment, and Dr Helen Barrie, Research Fellow, University of Adelaide, to visit Resthaven’s design award–winning site at Port Elliot.

    Dr van Hoof, leader of Dutch innovation program, ‘Nursing Home of the Future’, was keen to view Resthaven’s newest edition, with its innovative focus on interior design, architecture and technology, an approach he uses in his own projects.

    The delegates were not disappointed, with Dr van Hoof indicating he was particularly impressed with the sense of space, light and access to garden areas.

    He says, ‘The design feels quite Scandinavian, and very relaxing; more like a hotel than the traditional view of a nursing home’.

    He was also impressed with the featured local artwork that adds life and colour to the home.

    After the visit, the delegation took some time out to enjoy the stunning local scenery and hoping to sight a whale, but alas, they were nowhere to be seen.

    Watch Professor van Hoof talk about his ‘Nursing Home of the Future’ programme on YouTube below.

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