• 68 years strong for Mr and Mrs Bradsworth

    68 years strong for Mr and Mrs Bradsworth

    On 26 August 2023, Mr and Mrs Maurie (90) and Margaret (86) Bradsworth celebrated a milestone 68 years of marriage at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park.

    Both Mr and Mrs Bradsworth grew up in Coburg, Victoria, meeting through their mutual love of tennis.

    Mrs Bradsworth fondly recalls, ‘We went to social events and dances at our tennis club and struck up a bit of a romance.’

    ‘I remember our first date well,’ Mr Bradsworth laughs.

    Margaret had been told not to let any boys bring her home. So, at the end of the date, Maurie ran behind the bus so he could see her safely home.

    After a few years of dating, the pair married in 1955 at their local church. Remarkably, their Minister, Reverend Day, also wed Mr Bradsworth’s parents many years before!

    ‘We both absolutely loved road trips, so for our honeymoon we toured our way to Healesville, Victoria,’ says Mrs Bradsworth.

    In 1956, the couple made the move to Melbourne, when Mr Bradsworth joined the police force.

    They also welcomed their first son, Rodney, with their daughters Jenni and Debbie arriving in the following years.

    Mr Bradsworth says, ‘Over my 35-year career with the Victoria Police, I worked my way up from the mobile traffic department to sergeant.’

    ‘A career highlight was my role as part of the search team for major disappearances in the 1960s and 70s, such as the disappearance of Prime Minister Harold Holt, and the kidnapping and demanded ransom of sixteen people by the notorious Edwin Eastwood.’

    ‘We moved around a lot for my job, and it was so hard to leave our friends behind each time. But we feel blessed to have had so many friends and adventures over the years.’

    ‘We eventually settled down in Yarram, Victoria, in 1974, where I was based until my retirement over a decade later.’

    ‘I’m pleased to say that my grandson is now an inspector, continuing my legacy.’

    No matter where the family lived, the couple continued their love for road trips, going on many a holiday with their children to regional destinations in Australia.

    The pair have also maintained their love of sport throughout their lives together, enjoying golf, bowling, and tennis.

    ‘Our kids were the light of our lives, and still are to this day. We did everything with them, and we have always been so proud of them,’ says Mrs Bradsworth.

    ‘We have been so blessed with our children, and now we have 10 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren as well! Life has been incredibly good to us.’

    In their later years, the couple moved to Naracoorte to be closer to their daughter, Jenni. They moved again, for a final time, to Adelaide, for Mr Bradsworth’s health needs.

    Now, Mr Bradsworth resides at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park, with Mrs Bradsworth and Jenni living next door at Unity Retirement Village.

    When asked about the secret to a long, happy marriage, the couple responded, ‘Don’t go to bed angry — always talk it out.’

    After all these years, the romance is still very much alive, with Mr Bradsworth gifting his wife a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring to celebrate their anniversary.

    ‘I felt so guilty,’ Mrs Bradsworth laughs, ‘I only gifted Maurie clothes!’

    Congratulations on your 68th wedding anniversary, Mr and Mrs Bradsworth!