• Building Update

    Building Update

    Several redevelopments and upgrades are in the works across Resthaven.

    Resthaven Leabrook

    An upgrade at Resthaven Leabrook is in the design stage. Plans include an upgrade of the reception area, café, and shop, along with the hairdresser and hall. The design is currently being finalised, with works expected to commence in late October 2019. An artist’s impression of the proposed new cafe/reception area is below.

    Resthaven Leabrook and the new proposed reception area

    Resthaven Bellevue Heights

    A redevelopment is planned for Resthaven Bellevue Heights to bring the Manson and Grevillea area together within the main residential home. This will involve the construction of a new extension. The redevelopment will also provide more car parking and improve access to the site. Information sessions were held for residents, families and staff in August, and works are expected to commence during the first quarter of 2020.

    Resthaven Marion

    Additional rooms are planned for Resthaven Marion, to provide rooms for residents when the ‘couples’ rooms are being used as premium singles (ie accommodating one person instead of two). Three new rooms will be constructed in the Koolkuna area, and one existing older room will be demolished. Work is scheduled to commence in September, and expect to be complete by March 2020.

    Lane Cottages

    The upgrade of the external appearance of the ‘Lane Cottages’ at Resthaven Mitcham, including the cottage used by Resthaven Community Respite Services for group day respite programs, is now complete (below).

    Resthaven Community Respite Services Lane Cottages newly rendered location

    The exposed brick was rendered and painted, with landscaping and new fencing. The drop-off area for community service clients was also improved.

    These new projects aim to provide you with high-quality amenities and living environments.

    Emmet O’Donovan
    Manager, Buildings and Capital Projects

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