• Combatting social isolation in Gawler

    Combatting social isolation in Gawler

    Resthaven Northern Community Services at 5 King Street, Gawler SA 5118, offer social groups for people who are isolated, alone, or have limited meaningful social interactions.

    Assistant Manager, Kelly Ainsworth, says, ‘It’s been really great to expand our services to clients in Gawler, Barossa and beyond. Many locals have commented on an improved quality of life from the services provided since we opened the office in late 2020.’

    One local client has particularly found purpose from these social groups.

    Mr Charlie Farrugia, says, ‘I just don’t want to sit at home watching TV!’

    ‘Resthaven gives me an outlet outside of my home environment to make new friends, and to interact with others during the week.’

    Charlie recently attended the Men’s Group, held every Tuesday, to go fishing down at St Kilda.

    ‘Fishing brought back a lot of memories for me of good times with my mates – I haven’t been fishing in over 15 years!’

    ‘It was great to spend a day with a couple of blokes and share our stories with one another.’

    Charlie also attends the Friendship Group every Wednesday, where clients challenge their mental stimulation.

    ‘There is a small group of us that get together, and we like to play board games.’

    ‘It helps for good exercise of the brain, and stoves away the mental ageing.’

    ‘I want to say thank you to Resthaven for giving me these opportunities I didn’t have before.’

    Many programs are held at the Gawler office of Resthaven Northern Community Services in a COVID-19 safe environment; each group tailored to the participants interests, needs and wants. Enquiries are welcome. Phone 8526 4700 during office hours.

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