• Community Mural and Building Expansion

    Community Mural and Building Expansion

    On 4 November 2016, a $400,000 building extension and mural project was launched at Resthaven Northern Community Services at 16 Gillingham Road, Elizabeth.

    Richard Hearn, Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, says, ‘Resthaven moved to Elizabeth in 2000 as we identified community need in this area. Originally temporarily using TAFE buildings, Resthaven built this complex and opened it in May 2003. When we came here there was empty land around us, and as you can see, the growth has continued.’

    ‘The services offered include home care and support, wellness and therapy services, and veterans’ home nursing.’

    ‘This building extension, designed by Brown Falconer Architects and built by Affinitas, was possible due to additional government funding to increase home care services in the region.’

    ‘The purpose of today’s event is not so much about the extension to the building. Rather it is about Resthaven’s commitment to the community, and assisting older people to continue to live well at home with good quality of life.’

    ‘We wanted to add vibrancy and interest to the external side wall facing Gillingham Road, so we commissioned a large, six-panel mural, designed by local artist, John Whitney.’

    ‘The mural is a reflection of who we are and our commitment to positive images of older people – affirming their contribution and value to family and the community. It was created with help from Resthaven clients and staff, and local young adults, Bianca, Lauchlan, Cameron and Dylan.’

    ‘We needed a large space to create the mural, and are grateful to VTECH Manager, Warren Meissner, who arranged for one of the automotive workshops to be cleared at the Davoren Park VTECH as a workspace for the project.’

    ‘Once finished, the mural was installed in early August, with the official ‘launch’ today.’

    ‘It is already a talking point,’ says Manager, Resthaven Northern Community Services, Karen Hammond.

    ‘It depicts the services Resthaven offers the local community, including wellness services, hydrotherapy, exercise classes and social groups, home care and support for people living in the northern suburbs through to Gawler.’

    ‘All of these services and more are represented in this fantastic mural.’

    ‘And the extra space from which to coordinate Resthaven’s services is fantastic.’

    ‘We wanted to record the creation of the mural, so called on Jon Burke to record the artist and participants giving their unique insights into the positive influence the project has had on their lives. It is fantastic record of the project.’

    See it here:

    Contact Resthaven Northern Community Services on 8252 6811.