• It shouldn’t happen to a VET

    It shouldn’t happen to a VET

    On 27 April, Resthaven Limestone Coast Community Services clients gathered at Millicent Library, for a thought-provoking reading, ‘It shouldn’t happen to a VET, should it?’, written by fellow client, and Vietnam veteran, Mr Terry Bywaters.

    Beginning with morning tea, Resthaven clients from both Millicent and Mount Gambier started their day enjoying a delicious spread.

    ‘We had all sorts of goodies available, including homemade Anzac biscuits made by the Baking Buddies social group – they were the favourite!’

    While the spread was well received, there was a greater purpose to the meeting.

    ‘We moved inside to the History Room, where the group was seated, awaiting a special presenter.’

    ‘As a veteran himself, Mr Bywaters had prepared a reading to share with the group, on his experience and thoughts on veteran care.’

    Unfortunately, he was not well that day, so his daughter, Kylie, presented the reading to the group.

    ‘She stood before us, wearing her father’s medals for the very first time – it was beautiful to see.’

    The presentation prompted positive discussion amongst the group.

    ‘It was a very moving moment for many people in the room, and many stayed back to chat about what was raised in Mr Bywater’s reading.’

    ‘It was a very successful social group activity in respect of our ANZAC’s, and many compliments were received.’

    Thank you, Kylie, for sharing your father’s personal reflection on being a veteran.

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