• Mrs Niesche’s 100 years of wisdom

    Mrs Niesche’s 100 years of wisdom

    On 2 July, Resthaven Aberfoyle Park resident, Mrs Audrey Niesche will celebrate her centenarian milestone, as she looks back on the past 100 years with pride.

    Born in Manchester, England, Mrs Niesche grew up with a World War I veteran father, and a nurturing stay-at-home mother.

    Mrs Niesche says, ‘I was an only child, but we had a large extended family to keep me busy.’

    ‘In 1928, when I was four years old, we packed up our life and moved to Adelaide, Australia. Both mum and dad never returned, but I have over the years.’

    Finishing her schooling at the age of 14, Mrs Niesche entered the workforce.

    Mrs Audrey Niesche sitting in her armchair holding a bouquet of purple flowers
    Mrs Audrey Niesche on her 99th birthday

    ‘I got a job teaching four-year-olds at a private school. It was set up in a hall, and there were too many children to control on my own!’

    ‘When I was 17, I found work at Globe Timber Mills, where I started on the switchboard, then I became a telephonist at the same company, before moving to Palm Beach Towels. I enjoyed that role very much.’

    In 1952, longing to reconnect with her roots, Mrs Niesche travelled solo to England, where she stayed for a year.

    ‘At that point, I was entering my 30s, so I presumed that marriage wasn’t on the cards for me. I focused on my work, and travelling, which I always found fulfilling.’

    Not long after returning to Australia, Mrs Niesche met her soon-to-be-husband, Mr Brian Niesche.

    ‘It was a funny story, because I was quite unwell at the time, and couldn’t do much, other than pot around the house. A friend of a friend invited this handsome fellow to keep me company, and we developed a romance.’

    The couple married in 1956, and welcomed their first and only child, Kathryn.

    Kathryn says, ‘Mum and dad were very devoted to each other, and knew how to have a laugh at the small things.’

    ‘I remember when dad owned a motorcycle repair shop, he convinced mum to ride in a flower box at the front, holding on for dear life as they whizzed around—these were the kind of stories you would hear from them all the time!’

    ‘They did a bit of travelling together once dad retired from work. They spent eight months travelling around England, Europe, and America, going on three different canal boat cruises.’

    ‘Dad passed away not long after their trip, so mum often looks back on that time with a big smile.’

    Throughout her life, Mrs Niesche was a member of the Theatre Organ Society of Australia, and sung in her local choir for 48 years. Now, Mrs Niesche spends her time knitting and listening to music in her home at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park.

    Imparting her wisdom on the younger generations, Mrs Niesche advises, ‘Smile and be happy. You must have a sense of humour about life, and a few close friends.’

    Wise words indeed.

    Many happy returns, Mrs Niesche!

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