• Mrs Thayne continues living independently at 100

    Mrs Thayne continues living independently at 100

    On 3 July 1922, Resthaven Riverland Community Services client, Mrs Anne Thayne, was born and raised in Adelaide with a devoted mother, fisherman father, and two siblings.

    ‘My father sold his fish at the local markets – we must have spent most weekends down there, all five of us.’

    After completing her schooling in the city, Anne met and married her late husband, Mr Robert Hector Thayne, in Berri. During this time, she began working as a dressmaker.

    ‘I had my own clothing store in Berri, and once we were married, we bought a home close by in Lyrup, Riverland, on a fruit property, which Robert mostly took care of.’

    ‘We supplied all sorts, which we sold to the Berri Cannery, supplying peaches, citrus and dried fruit.’

    When their children, Dennis and Leon, came along, Mrs Thayne sold up her store, committing her time to raising the children, and assisting Robert with the family business.

    ‘We had great fun on that property. When the children were old enough, they helped too – best of all, they had a lot of room to run around as kids, which was important to both Robert and I.’

    ‘We made a good life for ourselves there.’

    Mrs Thayne looks back fondly of her memories of travelling with Robert once the children were older.

    ‘We enjoyed travelling overseas the most and would always book a travel package so we could visit most of the countries around the world.’

    Mrs Thayne also reflects on her hobbies throughout the years, ‘I enjoyed dancing, and was particularly good at quickstep.’

    ‘I have always loved anything to do with a sewing machine, and even now I carry on dressmaking, sewing, quilting and crocheting for my family.’

    At 100, Mrs Thayne continues living independently, with the assistance of Resthaven Riverland Community Services, enjoying frequent drives to her hometown in Adelaide, ‘although I get very tired nowadays!’

    Many happy returns, Mrs Thayne.

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