• Nurse Leadership Development Presentation Day

    Nurse Leadership Development Presentation Day

    On Friday 27 October, a group of Resthaven Registered Nurses presented their innovation projects at the third ‘Nurse Leadership Development Program’ day.

    Participants of the program are Registered Nurses working in leadership roles across Resthaven’s residential and community services sites.

    The program—which is supported by Resthaven’s Strategic Plan—was developed for Resthaven leaders in association with ASC Training and Development, and delivered by ASC’s Tony Stone.

    ‘Each participant talked about an improvement initiative they have been working on at their site’, says Wendy Morey, Executive Manager, Workforce Development & Governance.

    ‘The room was treated to really great examples of nurse leadership in action. The presentations were of a very high quality—as were the initiatives.’

    ‘All presentations displayed courage and insight in identifying issues of concern in consultation with their site teams. It was outstanding to see their focus on communication and team work, and the importance it plays in meeting the needs and expectations of residents and clients.’

    The sessions were attended by the nurses’ respective managers, several senior management staff, and CEO Richard Hearn, who were all impressed by the work of the participants.