• The new sculpture at Resthaven Mitcham

    The new sculpture at Resthaven Mitcham

    Sharing a Moment

    There’s a new sculpture at Resthaven Mitcham!

    Gerry McMahon is the artist who created Resthaven Mitcham’s sculpture, ‘Sharing a Moment’, installed in the newly landscaped front garden. Resthaven has commissioned several works by Gerry.

    In Gerry’s words:

    ‘When designing my sculptures, I think of it as a three-dimensional snapshot in time. I try to capture a moment in order to tell a story.’

    ‘I based this sculpture around sharing a moment between a grandmother and her granddaughter. A connection with nature, and each other.’

    ‘With both their feet in the pond, they celebrate the joy of life as they share a loaf of bread with a duck and her ducklings. Through giving, we receive.’ 

    About Gerry

    Gerry McMahon is an Adelaide based artist whose practice has evolved from the skills he acquired from his previous occupation as a sheet metal tradesman.

    He has always appreciated the characteristics of metal, particularly its versatility and durability. As an artist he is able to experiment, explore the boundaries and manipulate metal in a more creative fashion than ever before.

    Many of his works are playful, capturing the imagination and evoking a whimsical, joyful sentiment. He is driven to create positive, engaging and uplifting works that communicate to their audience and enrich their environment.

    We hope you enjoy his work!
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