• Why Resthaven volunteer pianist chooses aged care

    Why Resthaven volunteer pianist chooses aged care

    Volunteer pianist, Tony Kelly, enjoys spending his time hitting the keys at Resthaven Malvern, having discovered the joys of aged care approximately 25 years ago.

    Tony says, ‘I retired in 1997, but it wasn’t until a few years later that I ventured into volunteering in aged care, and I never looked back.’

    ‘I was a secondary school chemistry teacher in my working days, but I played piano on the side since I was around 8 years old. Retiring gives you the space to focus on your hobbies, which I have taken advantage of.’

    Tony first started volunteering with Resthaven Malvern in 2001 for 14 years. After a two-year break, he picked up where he left off.

    ‘I enjoy playing folk music, and tunes from traditional musicals, which the group thoroughly enjoys.’

    ‘Aged care is a special area and connecting with people through music is very powerful and really rewarding.’

    On why he volunteers with Resthaven, Tony says, ‘It is a truly wonderful place to be, for residents, families, staff and volunteers—it’s a strong community.’

    ‘It is well run, making my job a lot easier! I can just come in and they are ready for me, and most importantly, they look forward to my visit which brings me a lot of joy too.’

    Resthaven welcomes people wanting to volunteer to share joy and connect with older people.

    For more details, contact us on 8373 9036 or volunteer@resthaven.asn.au or visit: Volunteering at Resthaven

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