• Ageing well in luxury apartments

    Ageing well in luxury apartments

    Mr Bryan Burnett is proud of his status as the longest-residing resident of Resthaven Leabrook Retirement Living, having lived in the premium apartments at 334 Kensington Road since they first opened in 2014.

    Mr Burnett says, ‘My wife and I watched them build it from the ground up, having lived close by. We received the keys on 23 May 2014.’

    Resthaven Leabrook Retirement Living offers independence in architecturally designed apartments, with the convenience of a residential aged care home ‘down the hall’ should the need arise.

    Mr Burnett is grateful that he made the move, explaining, ‘My wife was diagnosed with dementia, and I thought it would be a good idea to get into aged care soon, in some capacity. We needed to warm to the idea of her going into residential care when the time came.’

    Up until that point, Mr and Mrs Burnett had lived independently in their own home, exploring a smooth transition into accessing aged care services.

    After discovering Resthaven Leabrook Retirement Living, the couple made the jump.

    ‘Location aside, the appeal to us was that it was being built onto the residential home [Resthaven Leabrook], which would be accessible from the apartments.’

    ‘This was the biggest godsend to us, and I got to personally know the staff who would be tending to her when needed.’

    After a few months of receiving their keys, Mrs Burnett moved down the hall into Resthaven Leabrook.

    ‘It was the best decision I could have made for her at the time. I could visit whenever I wanted, without worrying about leaving the site. If anything happened, I was right there.’

    ‘She’s not with us now, but I am thankful for the comfort this gave her.’

    Now, Mr Burnett continues to enjoy his independent lifestyle, ageing well in his luxury apartment.

    ‘It is great here. I have everything I need to live on my own terms, and the space. Church is just down the road, and family nearby. It’s a good life.’

    ‘While I’m not quite there yet, it is reassuring to know that the services are here for me if I need it one day.’

    ‘Until then, I’ll be enjoying my balcony views!’

    South Australia’s very first Week of Ageing Well starts October 1, with seven days of celebrating ageing well in SA.

    It’s a time to connect with each other, celebrate life, value the older people in our lives, and discover new ways that can support ageing well. To learn more, click here.

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