• Art classes with volunteer Moni at Resthaven Bellevue Heights

    Art classes with volunteer Moni at Resthaven Bellevue Heights

    Moni feels ‘a lot more confident,’ since she started volunteering with Resthaven.

    ‘It’s helped me a lot,’ Moni says. ‘I’m helping residents, but at the same time, they’re helping me.’

    Moni volunteers once a week from 10am – 3pm supporting the lifestyle program at Resthaven Bellevue Heights, 47 Eve Road, Bellevue Heights.

    ‘I accompany residents as they make their way to friendship group at 10.30am, and ensure they are comfortable as they are seated,’ says Moni.

    ‘Whilst they enjoy a quiz, we prepare the morning refreshments and offer a welcome tea or coffee.’

    ‘Residents enjoy about an hour together, after which I usually call on a couple of residents for a chat.’

    ‘From about 1pm, I facilitate the art group, which consists of about half a dozen creative, artistic ladies.’

    ‘Both my parents were artists, and I can’t draw or paint for the life of me, but I do appreciate art, and I can be quite creative in the mind! We have a fun time.’

    art classes sewing group-web

    ‘We do lots of different projects – last September, we worked together to get things ready for the Melbourne Cup.’

    ‘We had a template and horses and different things that we would colour in and paint – we made fantastic décor for the big race.’

    ‘Sue (Lifestyle Coordinator) is very creative as well, and came up with the idea of an archway with paper flowers.’

    ‘At Christmas time, we made greeting cards for all the residents, which many residents chose to display on their doors. I wrote a jingle to put inside the cards. I felt quite honoured to be part of it!’art classes - sewing poppies

    ‘Currently, as a group, we’re making poppies out of felt for Anzac Day.’

    ‘I started volunteering in 2017 after my neighbour passed away, just short of 102. I used to visit her quite often, and when she died, I really missed her company.’

    ‘I have a deep respect for older people, I just love being with them – you learn so much.’

    ‘Volunteering with Resthaven has benefited me in other areas. I had lost a lot of confidence after partially losing my hearing, then losing my job. I was at a complete loss.’

    ‘Working with residents at Resthaven has given me a lift – I feel a lot more confident with people. Being here makes my week!’

    ‘I took three weeks off over Christmas, and the ladies said “Where were you? We missed you!” It was so nice.’

    Moni with the art and craft group

    ‘You just get so much satisfaction from volunteering; hearing residents’ stories, supporting them, lifting them up when they’re a little bit down.’

    ‘And the residents – I love that bunch. Sometimes we don’t get a lot of work done, we just chat!’

    ‘The staff are also fantastic. Everyone I’ve come in contact with, Sue and all her helpers, they are just great. It’s a real pleasure to be volunteering here.’

    ‘I’m just loving my role with Resthaven.’

    Every year throughout May, Resthaven celebrates volunteers with ‘Thank You’ High Teas across all areas. This year, the High Tea theme is ‘Hats off to volunteers!’

    Click here to learn more about volunteering with Resthaven

    To volunteer with Resthaven, contact Volunteer Services via volunteer@resthaven.asn.au.

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