• Resthaven Bellevue Heights: Auditorium transformed

    Resthaven Bellevue Heights: Auditorium transformed

    As part of the first stage of a major $25million redevelopment of Resthaven Bellevue Heights, the Auditorium has undergone a major transformation. The Auditorium is the large communal area of the residential home.

    Manager Building and Capital Projects, Emmet O’Donovan, says, ‘The Auditorium was part of the original build in 1979. It is a large, multipurpose space, but was sadly outdated style-wise, with exposed brick walls and a pine-clad ceiling.’

    ‘It has now undergone a complete makeover to bring it up to contemporary standards.’

    ‘The timber truss beams which hold the roof up have been stained to a darker walnut finish, which works really well with the white and blue colour palette chosen for the ceiling and walls.’

    ‘With the rest of space featuring modern, neutral colours, the wooden beams are now a lovely feature.’

    ‘An inviting chapel space has been incorporated into the design, giving residents a focal point for regular worship services and special events. It is being well utilised now that the renovation is complete.’

    ‘The Auditorium now has a modern look and feel with the addition of new, contemporary furniture.’

    ‘The Auditorium has always been the centre of the site for activities and friendship, and will continue to create memories for many years to come.’

    ‘We can’t wait to see the rest of the renovations over the next 16 months.’

    ‘The central entry and café area will also undergo a major transformation, along with a new staff room, kitchen, laundry, and service rooms.’

    ‘The redevelopment includes the replacement of 32 rooms which were constructed in the late 1970s. These will be demolished, enabling extra landscaping and 13 extra car parks. In addition to the new rooms, all the remaining rooms will be refurbished to achieve a consistently high quality standard across the entire home.’


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