• Customer Engagement a priority

    Customer Engagement a priority

    ‘Resthaven listens to our customers,’ says Darren Birbeck, Executive Manager Governance and Corporate Services at Resthaven.

    ‘Over the past few years, we have asked for feedback from our customers, who include our consumers, those residents and clients who directly receive our services, as well as other stakeholders, such as family members and carers, advocates, and people who have a customer relationship with Resthaven.’

    ‘This is a deliberate strategy to improve the overall customer experience.’

    ‘Each year, we hold focus groups with our consumers, in both residential and community services. These group discussions inform us of what we are doing well, and how we can improve.’

    ‘The first focus group in residential services was held on Wednesday 6 November at Resthaven Mitcham, with nine people attending (eight residents and one family member).’

    ‘Questions for the residential services focus group discussions included asking about initial experiences from their first enquiry with Resthaven until the decision to move in, and whether they felt supported through that journey.

    ‘For those who have been residing with Resthaven for a while, we asked their thoughts on how we communicate and whether they feel informed.’

    ‘Community Services focus groups are also underway, with clients and family members of Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills and Fleurieu Community Services recently meeting at Strathalbyn.’

    Lynn Openshaw, Manager Service Development, said, ‘Consumer engagement is very powerful. It reminds us to ensure Resthaven’s values are central to our service provision.’

    Resthaven 2020 Calendar

    ‘Resthaven also hosts Community Advisory Groups. Membership of these groups include consumers, family members and people living in the community with an interest in informing decision making with a customer perspective. These groups assist in co-design of service models and advise on a range of decision making.’

    ‘For example, recently, they critiqued a draft calendar that we propose to celebrate Resthaven’s 85th anniversary in 2020. Receiving this advice puts the voice of the customer into action. Watch out for the final calendar, which will incorporate their suggestions!’

    Resthaven supports older people and their carers throughout metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia.