• Social group’s heartfelt donation to the community

    Social group’s heartfelt donation to the community

    Resthaven Community Respite Services hosts a social group at The Shed, at Township Road, Marion.

    The members of The Shed group have been busy teaming up with Minton Farm Native Animal Rescue Centre (MFNARC) at the Cherry Gardens Animal Rescue Service.

    Assistant Manager, Julian Sporne, says, ‘The group members have been working on a variety of projects for the community, including growing native tree and bush seedlings, and building possum and bird nesting boxes.’

    The group met with Bev Langley from MFNARC back in May 2021, in search of a meaningful project.

    ‘We knew the landowners nearby had been impacted by the bushfires, and the group insisted on helping in any way they could. They each have their own set of handy-man skills to make it possible.’

    ‘Upon learning that they needed possum and bird boxes and trees, we approached Trees for Life, and organised to purchase seedling kits for the varieties that were best suited for the Adelaide Hills Zone.’

    ‘We grabbed a template of a bird box from Bev, and the group went about building some boxes to their design – which they thoroughly enjoyed doing.’

    On 26 January, Julian had the pleasure of dropping off the finished projects to the Cherry Gardens Animal Rescue Centre. The team there received them with open arms.

    ‘The Shed group were thrilled that they could make a difference by doing what they do best. We can’t wait to find the next community project to work on!’

    Thank you to the Resthaven Community Respite Services group for their heartfelt donation to the community.

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