• ‘Health Moves’ exercise group keeps Judy going

    ‘Health Moves’ exercise group keeps Judy going

    Mrs Judy Robinson loves the Resthaven Marion Community Services Health Moves group, but is the first to admit that, when she first started two years ago, she was ‘very wary!’

    ‘I needed exercise – I needed to do something,’ she explains.

    ‘I was coming [to Resthaven Marion Community Services] for podiatry and Tai Chi, but it was hard on my shoulder.’

    ‘I saw the physiotherapist, and they did an assessment, and recommended the Health Moves class.’

    Judy recalls her first class: ‘When I first went on the treadmill, I was hopeless!’ she laughs.

    However, Judy persevered, and before she knew it, she found that she was ‘able to do things a lot easier than when I first started.’

    ‘Now, I’ve got a bit more puff, a bit more energy.’

    ‘Plus, we can use machines we wouldn’t have at home, and the leg exercises don’t bother my shoulder.’

    Judy and her classmates undertake their exercises in the fully equipped gym at Resthaven Marion Community Services, under the watchful eye of Exercise Physiologist, Hillary Williams.

    Judy says, ‘Hillary is lovely, she’s very supportive.’

    ‘She individualises each class – she doesn’t just stay with one person.’

    Another aspect of the class that appeals to Judy is the social aspect; ‘It’s a very friendly social outing, with the benefit of the exercise,’ she says.

    ‘I really love coming to the class; it’s got me back on the right track.’

    ‘I don’t know about keeping us younger, but it definitely keeps us going!’

    The Health Moves group is just one of many wellness services available at Resthaven Marion Community Services.

    Others include in-home support, podiatry, physiotherapy, allied health, social groups, and respite. Phone 8306 4400 to find out more.

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