• Indigenous artist, Audrey Brumby visits Resthaven Bellevue Heights

    Indigenous artist, Audrey Brumby visits Resthaven Bellevue Heights

    An Arty Afternoon with Audrey

    On 20 March, artist, Audrey Brumby, delighted Resthaven Bellevue Heights Independent Retirement Living residents with a special visit, where she treated them to a beautiful display of her traditional Indigenous artwork.

    Retirement Living Coordinator, Jeannie Peace, says, ‘We were spellbound as we watched Audrey paint beautiful, bright and vivid pictures with a steady and skilled hand, depicting different scenes.’

    ‘As we watched, Audrey painted the “Seven Sisters” – with the symbolism that in unity there is strength, so the seven sisters together are strong.’

    ‘Audrey also painted a story for resident, Mrs Kaylene Forbes (pictured with Audrey). The “u” shape in the painting indicates a person, with a bowl in front of the women called a “coolamon” or “piti,” which is used for many things.’

    ‘This is the second time Audrey has visited Resthaven Bellevue Heights, and she is always warmly welcomed by staff and residents alike.’

    Audrey paints at Indigenu Gallery in Sturt St, Adelaide.

    Thank you Audrey, for sharing your beautiful art with the retirement living residents of Resthaven Bellevue Heights.

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