• Intergenerational playgroup fun at Resthaven Paradise

    Intergenerational playgroup fun at Resthaven Paradise

    Resthaven Paradise has teamed up with the Campbelltown Council and Salvation Army, hosting a weekly ‘Intergenerational Playgroup’ for residents and children – and it’s a hit with all involved.

    Resident, Mrs Oriole Beaty (88), sums it perfectly when she says, ‘I have great-grandies who I don’t get to see, so when I come to the playgroup, it’s like I have them all!’

    Mrs Beaty, who has formed a particular bond with six-month-old Lillian, says, ‘Everyone does a marvellous job, and we all look forward to it so much.’

    ‘Some of us aren’t quite as active as we used to be, but we still enjoy the activities. It’s so good for all of us.’

    The feeling is mutual, with Lillian’s mum, Zara, saying, ‘Lillian’s grandparents are an hour and a half away, so it’s nice for her to have this interaction.’

    ‘It’s good for the kids to get used to different age ranges. My other daughter, Delilah (2) loves coming and playing with the toys!’

    ‘This is only our second time, we just started. It’s only a five-minute walk away, so it’s perfect for us.’

    ‘I think it’s great for residents to have the kids around, the ladies love having a “borrowed grandkid!”’

    Mrs Beaty is certainly no stranger to ‘grandparent duties,’ having three daughters, nine grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren – with another due in January 2024.

    She is relishing the opportunity to spend time with ‘littlies’ at the playgroup, and has been coming to the group since it began.

    Whilst she has lived at Resthaven Paradise for about two years, Mrs Beaty started at Resthaven Marion Retirement Living. She says, ‘The units were lovely, and my husband was living at Resthaven Marion.’

    ‘It was so close by, I would go and see him, we would spend all day together. But in the end, I couldn’t go back and forth all the time, and I moved in myself.’

    ‘However, most of my family are all on this side of town [at Paradise] so after my husband died, it was just the sensible thing to do to move here.’

    ‘It’s a wonderful place to live. And the playgroup is very lovely too!’

    Thank you to the staff at Campbelltown Council and the North-East Salvation Army for partnering with Resthaven Paradise on this intergenerational community initiative. See more photos of the day below.