• Language no barrier for Regency Cottage

    Language no barrier for Regency Cottage

    A year ago, Mrs Bahra Buric became a reluctant client of Resthaven Western Community Services. Now, her Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday visits to Regency Cottage are the highlight of her week.

    Home Support Worker, Rosemary Gorodecky (pictured above, with Mrs Buric), says, ‘Bahra came here from Bosnia, and didn’t speak a lick of English, which certainly had it’s challenges in the beginning.’

    ‘When Bahra first started coming to the group, she kept to herself, and was hesitant to join in on the activities with other clients.’

    ‘It was important for us to bridge the language barrier, and help Bahra feel a part of our community here, so we started learning a bit of Bosnian, and she soon picked up on a few English phrases.’

    ‘Now, Bahra does the most beautiful artwork, rolls the bingo balls for our games, cares for our community garden, completes jigsaw puzzles, and laughs at all the silly and funny things we do—we have become a part of her extended family.’

    Last Christmas, Rosemary proudly presented Mrs Buric’s daughter, Azra, with a Memory Book, full of a year’s worth of memories with her Regency Cottage friends.

    ‘The book contains pieces of her artwork, photos of group activities, and her friends. Bahra took so much pride in decorating each page, and enjoyed sharing what she achieved with the cottage and her daughter.’

    ‘Azra was so surprised and amazed by how much her mum has achieved here, and the connections she has made, that we all cried happy tears. She said she will cherish her mum’s Memory Book forever.’

    ‘This is what being a Home Support Worker is all about to me—supporting clients to feel comfortable and safe, and encouraging them to try new things in a happy setting.’

    ‘Being with clients, and seeing them become confident and happy is incredibly rewarding. This is why I love coming to work and being a part of Resthaven.’

    This is just one example of how connection can overcome most things—even language barriers!

    Thank you for sharing this special story with us, Rosemary.

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